Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


22. Bleeding Love



Liam is BOLD

Niall is ITALLIC

-Louis POV-

I heard the line go dead on the other side. What the hell does he mean the bunny is hidden? Ugh this boy is stupid! I turn to a worried looking Harry sitting in the arm chair of my living room. He was watching me closely fiddling with the hem of the chair. He was chewing on his bottom lip causing it to swell slightly and get red. I walked over to him and sat on his lap, his arms instantly wrapping around my waist pulling me closer to his toned chest. I leaned back relaxing into his touch. I feel his lips graze over my neck giving me soft butterfly kisses on the way. I turned and he looked up into my eyes. Blue on Green. His eyes told me everything about him, his eyes were the reason I fell in love with him. I remember seeing him on the first day of school and I just knew he was going to be special. I didn’t know how he was going to be in my life, but I knew he was going to be a big part of it. I looked deep into his eyes.

“Harry?” I whispered. His eyes bored into mine with so much intensity. He trusted me, probably too much after everything that’s happened between us. He nuzzled his nose into the side of my neck kissing me softly.

“Yes Boo?” He mumbled into the crook of my neck sending shivers down my spine from the hot breath trickling down my neck. I felt him grumble with laughter from the shiver I had.

“Marry me.” It came out more like a statement then a question. His brow furrowed and he pulled back looking at me with a confused but still happy face.

“What?” He had a chuckle to it like he almost didn’t believe I had asked him such a question. I moved around so I was straddling his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling myself closer to him.

“Marry me.” I repeated. His eyes widened realization that I did ask him hit him, more like slapped him in the face.

“Are you serious?” His voice holding disbelief in it. I nodded with a wide smile. His mouth turned up into the beautiful dimple smile that always left me breathless when I saw it. He blinked rapidly.

“Yes. But we’re not old enough Lou?” He sighed. My heart broke at that. I know we aren’t old enough but I don’t care. I know I want to be with Harry the rest of my life, that’s it no one else. I picked up his chin so he was looking me straight in the eyes.

“I have ways around our age Styles” I winked kissing him hard on the lips. He instantly made the kiss heated. I moaned into his mouth when his hands squeezed my bum. He chuckled pulling back both of us breathing heavily. He smirked at me, satisfied he had such an affect over me. I rolled my eyes and got up off his lap, him groaning in protest as I did so.

“I have to make some calls Haz, then we are going to get married.” I said sweetly, allowing the words to swirl in the air around us. The thought of being Louis William Tomlinson-Styles or maybe he wants Styles-Tomlinson… I don’t care I’m happy with either. I grinned at him dialing a number I haven’t dialed in a long time. I waited as the phone rang, watching Harry the entire time. He was grinning staring back off into space. I know I should be worrying about my friends, but I think they’re safe. They have to be I mean Zayn is and always has been the guy I would go to if there was a zombie apocalypse so I think he can keep them safe. Even if he doesn’t like Niall. I don’t understand his grudge over Niall, I don’t think anyone really does. I hadn’t realized the phone wasn’t ringing anymore and someone was repeatedly saying

“Hello? Hello?” I jumped and coughed so he knew I was on the line.

“Oh hey! Stan, It’s Louis? Tomlinson?” I say feeling awkward that I hadn’t noticed he picked up the phone. He laughed.

“Tommo?! Oh my god! I haven’t heard from you in ages! How you been?” He says happily I chuckle and eye Harry again. He has seriously become my life. I’m okay with that.

“I’ve been great! Better than great actually…” I sigh happily. I hear him chuckle on the other end.

“So you’re in love then?” He asks still laughing lightly. I grinned and nodded before I realized he couldn’t see me since we’re on the phone…

“Yea. I actually called you about that. I need a favor.” I trail off. I can literally hear him roll his eyes.

“Figured you did. What can I help the devious Louis Tomlinson with?” He asks a hint of mischief filled his voice. I laughed and walked into the kitchen. I don’t know why but I don’t want Harry to hear all of this.

“I need you to make me some fake I.D.’s and help me get a marriage license…” I trail off feeling like he would judge me. He was silent on the other end.

“Um… Stan?” I ask after a couple seconds of quiet. I hear movement on the other end letting me know he was still there.

“Yea, I’m still here I just need to process everything.” He said softly. I sigh and wait, I guess I should be patient with him if he is going to help me with this.

“Okay, well I won’t be your mother. So who’s the lucky man? And when do you want all this done by?” He asks. I can hear papers being shuffled on the other end of the call.

“As soon as possible. I want to get married soon, tonight would be great but I know that is really late notice.” I heard him laugh at what I told him.

“Eger are we? Okay I can get the I.D’s tonight, but I don’t think I can get the marriage license until tomorrow. I’m sorry Lou.” He said his voice sounded sincere as he apologized I smiled even though he couldn’t see me.

“That’s alright. I am just grateful you are willing to do this for me.” I said softly. I sighed and walked back out into the living room where I had left him. He was still sitting in the chair where I last saw him. I smiled at him as I listened on the phone to shuffling.

“Okay I’ll be over in like an hour with the I.D’s I have to run them by my friend.” He said sounding a little flustered. I laughed and nodded as I spoke.

“Okay. I’ll see you then. Thank you so much Stan you’re the best!” I hang up and Harry is watching me skeptically.

“What was that about?” He asks eyebrows raised. I shrug and go back to sitting on his lap.  He has a really comfortable lap you can’t blame me for wanting to sit here all the time. He wrapped his arms around my waist and snuggled back into me. I chuckled at how adorable he is.

“So soft.” He mumbled into my back. I laughed making myself grind slightly into Harry’s crotch. He lets out a low moan. I stiffen at the sound turning to smirk at him. I snickered grinding my hips down more, forcing another moan out of the younger boy under me.

“You like that Harry?” I asked seductively keeping my hips pressed down into his now hardening member. He whines as I release some of the pressure from his lower region. I wink at him turning to straddle him once again. He crashes his lips onto mine shoving his tongue into my mouth and wrestling with mine for dominance. Normally I would just let him have it, but I wanted to mess with him right now. I smirked into the kiss swirling my tongue around as I ground harder into his now really tight jeans. He whimpered and latched his mouth onto my neck nibbling and sucking harshly. I tried suppressing the moan that threatened to escape. He bit down on my sweet spot forcing the moan to escape my lips. He chuckled and licked over the fresh bruise on my neck. I whimpered softly. He trailed his lips over my neck bulling my T-shirt down slightly to suck on my collar bone. I moaned as he began yet another love bite. I ground into his fully hardened member that was still restricted in his tight jeans. He moaned biting down on my collar. I groaned as he finished with the now purple bruise on my neck. He pulled back smirking at me.

“You’re mine now” He winked at me. I chuckled pulling his lips back onto mine for yet another heated make out session. He bit on my bottom lip tugging on it lightly forcing moans out of my throat. I moved my lips down to his neck and was about to start on a love bite when the doorbell rang. Harry groaned and I smirked. I am such a tease. I chuckled darkly untangling myself from him. He sighed smacking my ass as I got up to walk away. I yelped when his hand made contact with my bum.

“Tease” He mumbled I laughed and sent a wink at him. I looked down to see the large tent in his jeans that I had caused him. He looked down with a blush realizing what I was looking at. I laughed and went to the front door. I opened the door to see a short chubby man with dark brown hair and wide blue eyes. His eyes looked so familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on where. He was alone.

“Um, Hi are you Louis Tomlinson?” He asked in an Irish accent. I nodded eyeing him skeptically. He smiled and handed me an envelope that was sealed.

“Stan sent me to give you this. I also came to tell you something that I think can help you and your friends with their situation.” I gasped at the man in front of me. How did he know about Liam and my friends and how they are in trouble? This isn’t possible. He looked at me with sorrow written across his face.

“Boo? Are you alright? I thought you’d be back by now.” Harry said walking into the room. He must have noticed my shocked expression because his eyes fell onto the strange man in front of me.

“Um, who are you?” He asked in his deep raspy voice. The man cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Bobby Horan.”

[A/N okay so I have a family party tonight don't know when the next time I can update is sorry guys but I will try for tomorrow promise LOVE YOU ALL!]

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