Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


14. Before He Cheats





Liam is BOLD


Niall is ITALLIC




-Harry’s POV-


(Day 1)


“How far away is the hotel?” I ask after what felt like an hours’ worth of driving. Louis smirked and kept his eyes on the road. He kept his mouth shut however, forcing me to wonder where in the hell we are going. I sighed and looked out the window watching as the trees got thicker, we seemed to be heading towards some kind of forest. Louis reached out and flipped on the radio, The Fray started blasting through the speakers. I smiled and began singing along with Louis to his favorite band. We drove for about another hour through the thick forest, once we seemed to be coming out of the thick green bushes, we came to the ocean where there was a small dock with a motor boat docked there. I turned to him and gave him a confused look. Where on earth was he taking me? Louis cut the engine and unbuckled his seatbelt. He opened his door and got out. I shook my head trying to wrap my mind around this strange boy that I am so madly in love with. I got out and followed him down to the dock where a man who I hadn’t noticed was standing by the boat. Louis walked up to the man and they started to talk. Louis smiled and thanked the man walking back to the car, he hit a button on the remote connected to the car keys. He popped open the trunk and took out our bags. He carried them over to the boat throwing them in. I really should ask him what the hell is happening. He told me we were going to his cabin, not some deserted place where we have to take a boat to get there.


“Lou?” I ask, he turns and hums signaling for me to go on with whatever I was going to ask him. I sigh and cross my arms waiting for him to turn and give me his full attention. When he finally turns away from the boat he is still smiling back at me. He seems really happy to be keeping this huge of a secret from me.


“Lou, where are we going? You said we were going to your cabin, but why do we need to take a boat to get there?” I ask blocking his path back to the car, if he doesn’t tell me, then I’ll just keep blocking his way. He laughs and winks at me, dammit he is cute when he is this mysterious, and it’s pretty romantic. I didn’t even know Louis could be this romantic, I like this side of Louis, a lot.


“It’s a surprise, but I will tell you that my cabin isn’t actually in Hawaii its self. We have to take a boat to it because it’s on an island.” He says pushing past me to go back to the man waiting by are car now. I sigh and nod, I really don’t like boats. They kind of creep me out, I always feel like they are going to sink and I am going to die, even though I can swim. Louis thanks the man again and hands him the keys to our car. We jogs back over to the boat and grins at me.


“Ready Mr. Styles, for a vacation you will never forget?” Louis chuckles gesturing towards the boat with both of his hands. I blush and nod, he grabs my hand and leads me into the motor boat. I sit down and try to get comfortable and keep myself from puking. Maybe I should have told Louis about how I hate boats… Louis gets into the boat after me and sits towards the back so he can steer the boat. I gulp and grip my shorts watching as Louis pulls a string causing the boat to roar once then die. He pulls it again with more force, it roars louder and stays roaring. It’s not so loud that you can’t hear one another, but it’s still quite loud. Louis grins wider, if that’s even possible, and we are off. We are on the water racing towards who knows where.


“Babe are you alright? You look a little green.” Louis ask looking slightly concerned. I gulped back the bile that was building up in my throat. I cannot puke, I cannot puke. I kept chanting that in my head trying to will away the nausea. I nod and try to force a smile on my face, but I’m sure it came out more as a grimace.


“You’re lying. What’s wrong? Do you need me to turn back?” He asks the concern growing in the sound of his voice. I sigh and shake my head.


“No, I just don’t really like boats. They make me feel really sick.” I admit looking down at my feet.


“Aww, baby why didn’t you tell me? I would have arranged for us to fly out there rather than taking this boat! I’m sorry!” He says sounding panicked. I looked up to see him steering us towards a small island. I silently thank god that the island wasn’t that far away from the dock.


“It’s alright. We are almost there right?” I ask. Louis nods a grin slipping onto his mouth. I smile back at him and have to resist the urge to kiss him. We get closer and closer to the tiny island, the island has tons of trees. They cover the island, beautiful flowers are growing in some of the trees. The beach is completely vacant. No one seems to be here. Louis turns the boat slightly and leads us to the dock on the large beach. He pulls us into the dock and jumps out of the boat onto the wooden dock. He ties the boat to the wooden post with a large rope. He reaches out and helps me get out of the boat. I jump onto the dock and wait for Louis to get the bags out of the boat. He hands me my bag and grabs his.


“Okay, this way Haz” He says pointing to the forest, is it bad that I feel unsafe to go into the forest? I gulp and nod following him. He turns and gives me a small smile his eyes dropping when he sees the worry in my eyes.


“You don’t need to be afraid babe, I’m here.” He coos reaching out with his free hand and lacing his fingers with mine. I smile trying to hide the blush on my cheeks. He chuckles and hold my hand while we walk through the forest. I look around at the green trees and bushes, I can hear thousands of birds above us chirping away. As we walk I hear a roaring sound, I flinch at the sound tightening my grip on Louis hand. He chuckles softly rubbing my hand with his thumb. It’s surprisingly soothing.


“Don’t worry baby that was just a wild boar. They aren’t that dangerous, plus that was at least three miles away from us.” He soothes pulling my arm to the left, we continue on the long walk to what I am hoping will be his cabin. I really hope we don’t have to take anymore boats or cars to get there. I am really tired, the time change is finally catching up with me. I yawned and Louis turned to me and smirked.


“Getting tired?” He asks, pulling me closer to him. I nod and blink away the water filling my eyes from the yawn. He chuckles and squeezes my hand.


“We’re almost there babe.” He says just as we walk past a thick bush I see a beautiful bungalow style cabin. I gasp at the beauty of it. It has bamboo as the walls, the windows have small white covers over them. The whole thing seems to be made out of bamboo and wood. It looks so beautiful. I turn to see Louis watching me as I take in everything. He smiles at me and leans in to press a quick kiss to my lips. I smile into the kiss.


“Do you like it babe?” He asks once we pull away from the kiss. I gasp and look at him like he is crazy.


“Of course I love it! It’s amazing!” I shout. He laughs and pulls me up the small walk to the bungalow. He drops my hand and reaches up above the door, running his hand down the top of the door. Once he seems to find what he was looking for, he brings his hand back down with a small key. He smiles and sticks the key in the lock and unlocked the door. He pushes it open then runs behind me, reaching up and covering me eyes.


“What are you doing Lou?” I laugh bending down slightly to make it easier for him to cover my eyes. He laughs and keeps his hands over my eyes.


“I want you to be surprised and take everything in at once” He says close to my ear. I shiver at the hot breath on my neck. He chuckles and leads me through the doorway. I hear him shut the door behind us as he leads me into the unfamiliar building.


“Louis can I look now?” I beg, he chuckles and stops walking forward. I stop with him and wait for him to take his hands off of my eyes.


“Okay, welcome to casa de Tomlinson” He whispers into my ear. I smile at him and wait for his hands to lift away from my eyes. He takes his hands away and I open my eyes. I stand there in shock. The outside is beautiful, but the inside is amazing. Everything is modern looking. You would think the inside would be very simple, a sink and couch maybe. No, the inside has at least six rooms. The room I am standing in is the kitchen. There is a large marble island in the middle of the kitchen with a sink built into it. The entire kitchen has wooden cupboards everywhere. It’s gorgeous. Louis stands back behind me watching me. I turn to him with wide eyes.


“This is beautiful Louis. I can’t believe this is your cabin!” I cheer running over to him and pulling him into a tight hug. He laughs and hugs me back just as tightly.


“Harry, I am just glad you like it. I want to make this vacation special and one to remember forever.” He says into my ear. I feel my cheeks flood red from my blushing. He pulls back and looks into my eyes.


“Ready to see the rest of the place?” He asks with a large smile on his face. I grin and nod excitedly. This place is amazing, I can’t wait to see the rest. I can already tell this is going to be amazing.


“Okay, follow me” He says ushering me to the next room over, there is a small couch with a love seat facing a flat screen TV. It’s obviously the living room. They have a Wii and PS2 sitting on the coffee table, looks like we can still play video games. I smile and Louis continues with the tour, we walk into the room next to the living room. It goes outside, there is a large pool and a circular hot tub built into the ground. Plants surround the entire place. The fence that surrounds the backyard is wood, there are small benches and chairs placed around tables all around the pools. I grin and Louis laughs.


“You like to swim right?” He asks. I nod and he winks at me sending shivers and sparks up my back. He gives me butterflies so easily now, it’s amazing.


“Yes! I love swimming” I admit, he laughs and tugs me back into the house. We walk through the living room and into a set of double doors. Louis stops before we walk into the room.


“Wait, close your eyes.” He says. I sigh but obey shutting my eyes and waiting to feel Louis hand grasp mine. He leads me into the room and we stop in what I’m assuming is the middle of the room. I bite my lip and wait to be told to open my eyes. Louis seems to want to be in control of everything right now.


“Okay, open your eyes” He mutters. I open my eyes and I take a quick intake of breath. Oh my god. I am in the bedroom. The bed is a queen size bed, the whole room is white. The bed has a white drapery across the top that is cascading down the sides of the bed resembling a waterfall. It is so beautiful, I turn to see Louis watching me with a grin on his face. I smile and reach out to him and kiss his square on the mouth. He smiles into the kiss, I pull back and look into his eyes, and all I see is happiness.


“Thank you Louis, I know this week is going to be perfect.” I whisper our lips brushing with every word I say. He smiles and peck my lips once more.


“It’s only going to be perfect because I’m spending it with you” He flirts. I blush and bite my bottom lip. He chuckles and I feel him pulling me, we fall back onto the large bed, I’m on top of him. He kisses me again with force, I kiss him back with just as much force. When we break the kiss we are both breathing heavily.


“What do you want to do first?” He asks. I sit up on my knees and think about it. He laughs at me.


“What are you laughing at?” I ask feeling slightly self-conscious. This only makes him laugh harder, now I’m getting slightly upset at this. Why is he laughing at me?


“Your face babe, it’s funny when you think” He says laughing. I roll my eyes and pin him to the bed. I think he needs a punishment.


“Don’t be making fun of my thinking face! Or you’re going to regret it!” I say in a sexy voice. Louis shivers and winks at me with a smirk.


“I think I like where this is going” He whispers. I laugh and kiss him hard grinding into him. He moans. After I ‘punished him’ we fell asleep, we still have to get used to the time difference, and we slept all night. Not waking up until late the next day.


(Day 2)


I woke up to the smell of bacon cooking. I roll over and feel that no one is sleeping next to me. I sigh and open my eyes. I sit there in shock at the beautiful room, I remember the events of yesterday and realize I am still naked. I sit up and walk out of the room with a blanket wrapped around me tightly. It’s warm here, but the blankets light so it’s not too warm for me. Louis is standing in front of the stove cooking bacon and eggs. He turns and smiles at me.


“Good morning beautiful” He says in a husky voice, that’s still filled with sleep. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his waist pulling him close. I kiss him quickly on the lips and smile down at him.


“Good morning sexy” I wink at him. He smiles and a blush falls over his cheeks.


“Um, harry…” He says lightly. I give him a puzzled look. He looks down and blushes brighter. I look down and realize my blanket fell, I’m standing here hugging Louis naked. I blush and quickly pick up the blanket.


“Oh, sorry… I’m going to go get dressed.” I mutter hurrying into the bedroom. I can hear Louis trying to laugh quietly. I sigh and grab my bag that’s sitting on the floor. I pick out some sweats and a t-shirt. I pull them on and walk back out to the kitchen. Louis was sitting at the island with a plate in front of him. A second plate set next to him. He smiled and waved me over. I walked over and kissed him on the head before digging into my eyes and bacon.


“So what do you want to do today?” I ask once I am finished stuffing my face with food. Louis looks up from his last piece of bacon and smiles.


“I thought we would go snorkeling. There’s a small town at the other end of the island and a nice boy told me he could take us for free.” He says with a smile. I have never gone snorkeling before, it sounds fun though.


“Sounds like fun! Let’s go!” I say as I pick up my plate and set it in the sink, I go back and grab Louis empty plate and place his with mine.


“Okay, want to go now or later?” He asks standing up and walking over to me.


“Let’s go now!” I cheer. He laughs and nods hurrying into the bedroom. I follow him and he shrieks.


“Harry! I’m trying to get changed! Don’t look at my nakedness!” He shouts. I laugh and sit on the bed watching him.


“Please Harry? I feel like you’re trying to eye rape me.” He says covering up his body.


“You liked it last night” I smirk and get up from the bed walking back out to the kitchen. I sit at the island and think about what could happen today. Louis walks back out a few minutes later wearing board shorts and a V-neck. I check him out slightly as he walks into the kitchen.


“Okay, let’s go now!” He says walking towards the front door. I follow him out the front door and we start on the short walk into town.


“No, Louis like this.” A tall boy with light brown and a nice body says reaching out and touching Louis on the waist. I was already pissed off, this fucking asshole wasn’t helping. This guy, Ashton, was our snorkeling guide. He kept touching Louis and telling him he was doing the swimming movements wrong. He was flirting with him too, I was seriously about to shoot him. I can’t believe he would do this when he knows Louis boyfriend is standing right there watching him.


“I don’t get what I’m doing wrong Ash?” Louis whines. Wait. Ash? He has a nickname for him now? What the hell?! When did this happen!? I cross my arms and stand there seething with anger and jealously.


“You just need to hold your arms like this.” He says holding Louis hand to show him how to do it. I sigh and try to block out the stupid prick in front of me.


“Am I doing it right now?” Louis asks hopefully. He is doing it perfectly fine to me, I don’t see why Ashton needs to keep touching him.


“I think this is going to take some time to teach you how to do this.” Ashton smirks glaring at me. I huff and glare back at him with my arms crossed.


“Haz, why don’t you go and explore a little while Ashton tries to explain why I am such a stupid person.” Louis laughs. My face falls why does he want to be alone with him? I don’t like this. I sigh and nod turning to leave.


“I’ll call you when we are done okay baby?” Louis calls after me, I wave my hand and signal that I have heard him. I walk along the beach watching people in the waves swimming and sunbathing. I sigh and sit down in the sand watching the waves come in. I look at my watch and realize I have been gone for over three hours. How the hell could he take this long? I decide I should go back and check on them. I walk back to the store and walk into the store, the entire store is empty. Why is it empty? Where are they? I hear something fall from the back. I decide I should check it out, maybe they are back there looking at wet suits or something. I walk back and see the dressing rooms, I hear someone cuss and panting. I scrunch my eyebrows. What is going on? I pull back the curtains to find a sight I never wanted to see, Louis was on top of Ashton. They were naked and having sex. I gasped and felt tears instantly flood my vision. I shook my head and ran.


“Harry! Wait!” Louis shouted from somewhere behind me. I just ignored him running faster and faster. I have no idea where I am going, but I have to get out of here. I can’t believe what I just saw. I ran into the forest and kept running until I got so tired I just collapsed on the ground. I collapsed and started crying my eyes out. It was starting to get dark, I didn’t care. I hope some stupid wild boar comes and eats me. I don’t want to live anymore.

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