Why I love him!

hey sexy ninjas. me and one of my best mates eloise, wrote this. we are both huge directioners. please read. love ya all !!!!

"that is why I love you!" I can not believe he said it. I was smiling like a goof.



1. The day we met.

A/N looking for characters for my other movella (my princess) please comment on that one cheers me sexy ninjas. also  if this gets confusing let me know what confuses you cuz i am writing 2 at a time and i might get them mixed up but hope fully not my sexy ninjas love ya all !!!!



YAY! I am so excited. Me and my best mate Amber is going to a one direction concert. It was her birthday yesterday (and her twins) and we get to go to a one direction concert when Jade (her twin) takes Abby (other mate) to an olly murs concert. I am staying over Amber's tonight has she has her own flat! I am 18 and she is 19 and live close to each other. We have known each other for 5 years but we are really close. YAY! Amber's here to pick me up as I am still taking my driving lessons.



OMG concert tomorrow!! Can't wait for new boyfriend. I hope she does not think he is too old for me. He is only 2 years older than me. He is 21 and I am 19! Yay here come eloise, better help her with her bags as we are going to paris for this concert. We are staying for 2 weeks with my boyfriend and his mates. I know Eloise will take a liking to one of them especially.



I can't wait my girlfriend is coming and the boys are excitied to. They all love her but I always remind them SHE'S MINE! What the boys don't know is, she is bringing a friend, and we think her and Niall might hit it off.


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