When you die

"When you die, you either go to heaven or hell. it is our job to judge you"
Executed for accidental murder, Jenny finds out there is more to the afterlife than decaying in a wooden box. But, stained with the blood of her 'murder', she is forced to become a demon of hell. She now has two choices. To let the darkness into her heart or fight it.


6. Satan

I cried out both in fear and surprise as the doors swung open by themselves before me. I could see a thin walkway leading up to some sort of throne. It was a bronze colour, and the top and seats were shaped like flames at the ends. The walls around it were covered with strange symbols which looked rather like a story carved into them. On either side of the walkway were pools of what looked like lava, but so bright it was painful to stare at them for more than a few seconds. No one seemed to be in the room so I stepped inside, the doors clanging shut behind me. A sense of panic rose up inside me at being trapped.

Then I saw the figure who had appeared sitting on the throne. I knew at once who he was.

He had wasted, rusty red skin, all blistered and pockmarked, mixed with a colour that was half bronze and half gold. Any pictures or impressions of him that I'd seen on Earth had showed him with horns but he had none, neither on his face nor any part of his body that I could see. His yellow, yet not rotted teeth were deadly sharp at the ends and his eyes were like two coals- black and huge and seemingly lifeless but anyone that came into his gaze was filled with such a fear that few could endure it. He wore no crown, his very presence being enough to tell you his position and power. He wore a shadowy, black robe that covered most of his arms and fell down, ending at his feet.

"Welcome." His voice was difficult to describe, harsh, but somehow pleasant and if I hadn't heard it then I wouldn't believe that something could sound both of those at once.

"I presume you know who I am" he continued "and therefore where you are"

"You're the devil" I whispered, shaking "I'm in Hell"

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