When you die

"When you die, you either go to heaven or hell. it is our job to judge you"
Executed for accidental murder, Jenny finds out there is more to the afterlife than decaying in a wooden box. But, stained with the blood of her 'murder', she is forced to become a demon of hell. She now has two choices. To let the darkness into her heart or fight it.


9. Light and Dark

I soon found that most of the rough walls and corridors were almost identical to those outside of the gates except that everything seemed to be getting darker, but then again I doubted I'd had more than the tiniest taste of Hell.

I hadn't realised how much I liked the fiery balls of light until there became less and less as my feet dragged along the winding corridors and through many desolate chambers. Soon I was nearly groping the walls blindly as I tried desperately to keep up with the quick, noiseless footsteps of the demon in front of me.

Suddenly, she stopped. I peered through the gloom in front of me only to see another door. This one was made out of some sort of dull, grey metal; it looked very thick and heavy. The doors swung open as soon as she touched them.

A bright blast of light and heat made me stumble backwards, trying desperately trying to become accustomed to it. I finally managed to open my eyes, only to see the demon disappearing into a wall of fire that had sprung up in the empty door frame.

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