When you die

"When you die, you either go to heaven or hell. it is our job to judge you"
Executed for accidental murder, Jenny finds out there is more to the afterlife than decaying in a wooden box. But, stained with the blood of her 'murder', she is forced to become a demon of hell. She now has two choices. To let the darkness into her heart or fight it.


3. Judge, Jury and Executioners

"When people die they either go to Heaven or Hell" The ghost spoke; his voice was unlike that of the first speaker, it was very similar to the sound a large puff of air makes.

"If you go to Heaven you become an angel, a being of light and peace. Angels are those who are good in life"

Good in what sense?

"But if you go to Hell, you become a demon, a being of darkness and horror. Of course, all the myths around the demons aren't true, for if you become one the only similarity is that you do not like sunlight. Not killed by it, just an uncomfortable dislike. Angels dislike the night and darkness, and humans know about them. They are opposites, one could say."

"But... which one am I?" I whispered, half filled with a prickling fear that was slowly growing stronger, not only of the ghosts themselves, but what might happen to me, half filled with curiosity and the want to know my fate.

"We will have to judge you first. That is our job. To decide whether you go to Heaven or Hell."

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