When you die

"When you die, you either go to heaven or hell. it is our job to judge you"
Executed for accidental murder, Jenny finds out there is more to the afterlife than decaying in a wooden box. But, stained with the blood of her 'murder', she is forced to become a demon of hell. She now has two choices. To let the darkness into her heart or fight it.


2. A dream?- or maybe not?

There was an blackness all around me, and at first I was confused. Then I realised. I was dead.

Panic flowed through me, and with desperation I spun round and tried to find something- a door or a light or anything, But there was only inky-blackness. And if I was dead, how could I see? Maybe I wasn't. Maybe this was just a nightmare- I wasn't going to wake up any second, on my first day at work. A day I was so terrified of, but it would be okay. I'd meet everyone and get to know the place. There would be no murders, accidental or not. And I wouldn't be sentenced to death. Lethal poison wouldn't have just been injected. Maybe I'm not dead.

"I'm going to be fine, I'm going to fine" I muttered to myself, trying to lift what spirits I had left. For a second it almost worked. Before I saw something illuminate in the darkness and screamed. It was a thin, wispy greyish-white figures that I couldn't make out very clearly. Then there were more than one. All around me, glowing with the palest light so they were just visible. Ghosts.

It was real. Not a dream. I was surrounded by ghosts.

"H-Hello?" My voice was thin and shaky. No answer. Could they hear? I wasn't sure whether they had ears or not. It was like they were made of a vapour half-mist and half-smoke shaped like a human form, but not exact.

"Welcome" A crackling, but confident voice came from one of them to my right and I couldn't supress a shiver. "Although not for long. You only have to be judged by us and then you go"

"Go?" I asked nervously, my throat dry "Go where? What do you mean by judged? Where am I?" I cut my questions pouring out of my mouth short as one off them, who appeared to be the leader, came closer to me. I could sense an icy-coldness being thrown of by his presence which sent chills down my spine. I could make out a few, faint features on his face, almost wasted with time and I wondered how long he'd been here. Wherever here was.

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