Runaway (ASA Book One)

Vesper, Junior ASA Spy, runaway from Them.
(ASA: Australia Spy Association)
(Them: Bad guys)
What happens when she meets One Direction, and the people she ran away from come back looking for her?

Trilogy ASA Book One.


16. Public or Not?



Vesper was sitting on the couch watching the news with the boys. They were back in London for a few days and then they were headed to America. Paul and Vesper didn't have to worry about them, thanks to the finding of a gang back in Australia.


It seems that Niall and Vesper have become really close... They were seen together at the Australia airport and then, sharing a coffee in a local coffee shop back in Australia. Are these two hiding a love?


Everyone turned to face Niall and Vesper. They did know that they always travelled together and that Niall had a thing for Vesper, but they thought that maybe Vesper was a bit more careful.


"Don't look at me!" Vesper exclaimed. "It's not my fault people think I'm dating Niall only because we've been seen together three times."

"So you are not dating?" Harry asked.

"We are." Niall replied. "But it isn't going to go public."

"Why not?" Louis asked. "You guys should. Fans ship you."

"Vesper?" Niall asked.

"It's up to you." Vesper said. "Cause I don't care."

"You should lay low for a while." Liam said. "Maybe in a week say something."

"I think Liam is right." Zayn added. "Keep it a secret for a while."


The guys kept talking about other random things, and Vesper took that as her cue to leave the room. She went looking for Paul. 


"Paul!" Vesper sang as she walked through the house. "Paul?"

"In here kiddo!" Paul answered from his room.

"Paul." Vesper said. "I have a couple of questions."

"I have some myself as well." Paul said. "But you start."

"Is it okay for me to date Niall?" Vesper asked shyly.

"It is girl." Paul replied kissing her head. "Anything else?"

"I said couple." Vesper laughed. "I got a call from a producer. He wants for me to make a record deal with him."

"I was going to ask you something about that." Paul interrupted. "Do you want?"

"I don't know Paul." Vesper replied. "I'll have to think about it."

"Sure." Paul smiled. "But if you do decide, you might be the opening act in the rest of the tour."

"Thanks." Vesper said. "Dad." She added and walked away,


It was the first time Vesper had referred to Paul like 'dad' or something. He smiled knowing that he had already won the trust of the girl, just like Niall had.






"Three?" Vesper asked as she laid on the floor.

"Nope." Niall replied.

"Oh shit." Vesper said. "Twenty."

"Nailed it." Niall smiled. "Your turn."

"I'm bored of this Niall." Vesper said.

"Ok, what do you want to do?" Niall asked.

"I don't know." Vesper whined. "I'm tired."

"Let's watch some movies." Niall suggested.

"Sure." Vesper replied.


Niall and Vesper made their way to another room so that they could watch the movies in peace. They gather some movies, food, and drinks. Once they were ready they got on the sofa and started their movie marathon. 


Two hours later Paul passed through the room where Niall and Vesper were. Paul smiled at the scene, he was happy that Vesper was now acting like a teenager, and was also happy that Niall was happy.


"They look cute together right." Louis said as he stood next to Paul.

"Yes they do." Paul answered. "They sure do."

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