Runaway (ASA Book One)

Vesper, Junior ASA Spy, runaway from Them.
(ASA: Australia Spy Association)
(Them: Bad guys)
What happens when she meets One Direction, and the people she ran away from come back looking for her?

Trilogy ASA Book One.


7. Prepare


Paul was pacing around the room, phone in hand, while the other one was glued to his ear. His laptop was open, papers were scattered around the table. He had to figure how he would take One Direction and Vesper to Australia without attracting to much attention from the media, so that them would not find out that Vesper was back home. 


He was so focused trying to get three different planes for the guys that he didn't see the beautiful face of Vesper smiling at him.


"Paul?" Vesper asked. 

"Yeah?" Paul answered hanging up one phone but answering the other one. "Give me a minute please."


Vesper nodded, like the sweet daughter she was to Paul. She walked over to the sofa and saw all the papers scattered around the place, and then actually sat and listen to the conversation. 

Vesper looked at Paul like a little kid would look up at their parents.


"Paul?" Vesper asked again.

"What kiddo?" Paul asked hanging up the other phone and started typing madly in his computer. "Am a bit busy."

"What exactly are you doing?" 

"Trying to book different flight for you guys to Australia, so that them would not find out you are back there." 

"Paul, they are looking for me in America." Vesper said. "I left a print receipt out copy of a fake plane ticket to Los Angeles. They are not in Australia."

"Who cares." Paul answered. " I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

"Do what ever you think is the best." Vesper said. "But you could also call ASA and tell them to have security and people would think it is because of One Direction."

"Vesper." Paul said. "You obviously did not come here to talk about this. In what can I help you?"

Vesper shrugged and let out a deep breath. "The boys want to take me shopping, and I have no money in me left, and they are willing to pay for everything, and I refuse, so if you could lend me and I promise I'll pay later. Cause once we are in Australia I can go to the bank and get all of my money out."

Paul smiled and sat next to Vesper putting an arm around her shoulder. "Listen kiddo. You are my daughter now. You don't have to pay me back." 

"But I-"

"But nothing Vesper." Paul said reaching for his wallet. "Here, go and buy nice cloth." Paul added giving Vesper money. "You don't have to pay me back."

"Thanks Paul." Vesper said giving Paul a peck on the cheek.

"You can call me dad, whenever you feel like it." Paul said as Vesper walked out of the room.





Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall were patiently waiting for Vesper to come back from talking with Paul. She had told them, that she had to inform him that they were going out and would be back by dinner time.


"Niall." Zayn asked. "What are you going to do?"

"Huh?" Niall asked. "Going to do with what?"

"With the fact that you are madly in love with Vesper." Harry answered.

"She said that she wouldn't date any of us." Niall said starring at the ceiling.

"Mate." Louis said. "She gave YOU a smile after she said that. Not to all of us, she stared right into you and did it."

"She has feelings for you." Liam finished.

"I don't think it is a good idea." Niall whispered.

"Why not?" Zayn asked.

"Because, you know she-" Niall started saying but was soon interrupted by Vespers' presence. All the boys looked up at her as she entered the room.

"He said it was fine." Vesper said looking at them confused. "Also, he gave me money."

"We told you, we would pay for it." Harry said.

"I don't want you to spend money on me." Vesper answered. "I am a no one in your life."

"A no one?" Asked Liam and Vesper shrugged. "You are like our little sister, as we said on the interview, so we will spoil you like one."

"Bug you like one." Louis continued.

"And protect you." Niall ended.

"Now let's hurry up before Paul comes and tell us we can't go out." Zayn said. "We have a lot of shopping to do Vesper."

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