Runaway (ASA Book One)

Vesper, Junior ASA Spy, runaway from Them.
(ASA: Australia Spy Association)
(Them: Bad guys)
What happens when she meets One Direction, and the people she ran away from come back looking for her?

Trilogy ASA Book One.


9. Home?


Each one of boys had a room for their own, also Paul and Vesper. So that nobody bothered no one, in any case at all. Paul had gathered all of them in his room for some security measures he had to give. 


"Settle down please." Paul said as he stood in front of six faces. "I have important things to tell you guys."

"Like?" Harry asked as he pulled up his feet to the table.

"Rules." Paul answered. "I have rules for all of you."

"Rules?" Liam asked. "We are having different rules?"

"Yes." Paul answered. "Will you let me speak?"

"Yes." They all answered.

"Listen." Paul said. "We have a new security, their color code is blue and white. They'll be with you everywhere. Each one of you has one, and if you go out together, there is an extra."

Vesper raised her hand and Paul nodded at her. "That means, that I also get one?"

"Yes." Paul answered. "So if Niall and Harry decide to go out for an ice cream, they would have 3 people with them." 

"I think we got that." Niall objected.

"Ok." Paul said. "No one is allowed to go out without telling me where you are off to." Paul said looking at each of the guys and keeping his gaze on Vesper.

"Noted." Zayn said.

"Last we have a curfew-" Paul started.

"You have to be kidding Paul!" Harry shouted. "We can't have a curfew."

"Calm down Harry." Paul said as he raised his hand to stop Zayn and the rest from talking. "We are not in a safe environment, and you know that."

"But they are looking for Vesper." Louis complained.

"Yes." Vesper chimed in. "But they know I' with you, so them might get you so that I go and save your asses."

"That is exactly right." Paul said. "You guys can go and have fun at the pool." He added before leaving.

"I'm sorry boys." Vesper said standing up. "Sorry for all the rules." 

"Don't worry Ves." Louis said putting an arm around her. "We enjoy breaking rules."

Vesper rolled her eyes as everyone laughed. 

"You really should at least obey the rule of having people with you." Vesper added. "I'm off to bed." 

"It's early." Harry said.

"I know." Vesper answered. "But I am tired." And with that Vesper left the room whilst the boys left to get ready.




Vesper walked to the bathroom and put her hoodie on. It was 2:30am, and everyone was already as sleep. She grabbed her guns and secured them, one around her hip, and the other one on her ankle. Her room was next to Paul's, and they had agreed to have all the doors open between the rooms. Vesper made her way to Paul's bed and made sure he was sleeping. When she did that, she moved to her bed and made it look like if she was there sleeping. 


She carefully made her way out of the room and into the hallway. She had studied the movements of the agents that were guarding the floor, she knew how they moved and everything. Vesper pressed the elevator and hid, once it made a sound all the agents approached to it, and she took the moment to flee through the stairs. 


Vesper went out through the back door of the hotel. She was exactly 15 minutes away from her old house. She managed to get there without anyone finding out she was missing.


She was looking for a book, the book, them was looking for. There was something really important in that particular book, because it wasn't a normal book.


Vesper got to her house, she entered and made sure that everything she did was unnoticed, she walked up to the attic, and started looking for the only book that she had never ever touched or read. She located it, where it used to be. Vesper made sure no one was watching before shoving the book on her back pack and setting a bomb at the very entrance of the house. 


What would happen with her home?

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