Runaway (ASA Book One)

Vesper, Junior ASA Spy, runaway from Them.
(ASA: Australia Spy Association)
(Them: Bad guys)
What happens when she meets One Direction, and the people she ran away from come back looking for her?

Trilogy ASA Book One.


11. Coffee Break



"I think we deserve a break Paul." Harry said as he chugged a bottle of water. 

"Yes!" Niall chimed in. "We've been practicing non-stop for the past two hours."

"Fine." Paul said as he looked up from his phone. "You have an hour break. See you at 4:00 on the dot here." 


Vesper sighed and followed Paul to wherever he was going. The boys were practicing for the concert they had today, and Vesper had to observe everything, as she couldn't leave Paul's sight.


"I want coffee." Vesper said to herself as she plopped down on the floor.

"We have no coffee here." Paul replied as he typed down on his computer.

"I wasn't asking." Vesper said as she turned to face the ceiling. "Mind if I ask, what are you doing? You have been consumed on your phone and computer, that you are losing your surroundings." 

"They you shouldn't have said anything." Paul replied. "I am working."

"You seem frustrated." Vesper stated. "Something about the ASA?"

"No." Paul replied. "The opening act of the boys just got sick and she can't make it."

"Oh." Vesper said sitting up. 

"Yes." Paul said. "Do you know anyone here who knows how to sing?"

"No..." Vesper answered unsure.

"Vesper." Paul said. "I really need your help."

"In this town." Vesper started. "You can find local singers at the local SingPub. Two blocks away from here." 

"Stay with the boys." Paul said to Vesper as he left the room.



"I'm not kidding Niall." Liam said to his mate. "She told me."

"And what am I supposed to do?" Niall asked. "Ask her out?"

"Why not?" Liam replied.

"Boys." Paul said entering the room. "Where are the others?"

"Playing video games." Niall replied. 

"Ok." Paul said. "I'm off to search for something, please don't lose sight of Vesper."

"Coffee." Vesper said as she plopped down on the floor in front of the guys, as Paul rolled his eyes and walked out.

"Paul!" Niall called after him.

"What?" Paul asked.

"Can I take Vesper for a coffee break?" Niall asked hoping for the best.

"Sure." Paul replied. "Remember, four security guards."

"Deal." Niall smiled and ran to the room where Vesper laid with her phone in her hand.


@Vesper1D: I NEED COFFEE!!! 

@Vesper1D: @niallofficial where did you go?


Niall walked over to the couch and felt his phone vibrate, he took it out and saw that he had a twitter notification.


@Naillofficial: @Vesper1D I'm right here next to you... Coffee?

@Vesper1D: @NiallOfficial PLEASE!!!


Vesper and Niall laughed as he helped her get up from the floor. Niall got the security guards to come with him and Vesper as they made their way to the nearest coffee shop.






"I'm looking for the best local teen singer." Paul said as he spoke with the manager of the place.

"The best?" The manager asked.

"Yes." Paul answered.

"You see." The manager started. "The best local teen singer left right after her parents were killed." 

"Excuse me?" Paul asked. "What's the name of the teen?"

"Vesper." The manager answered. "Really sweet girl."

"Vesper." Paul asked in shock. "The girl that I just adopted?"

The manager looked up at Paul in surprise. "Yes." The manager said. "Paul right?"

"Yes." Paul replied. "Vesper was is your best local teen singer?"

"That is right." The manager replied. "Though she hides it."

"I see..."



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