Runaway (ASA Book One)

Vesper, Junior ASA Spy, runaway from Them.
(ASA: Australia Spy Association)
(Them: Bad guys)
What happens when she meets One Direction, and the people she ran away from come back looking for her?

Trilogy ASA Book One.


3. Becoming Friends



"Vesper." Paul said. "Here's the deal. We will have to tell them about ASA."

"But we can't." Vesper said. "It is against the law."

"I know." Paul said. "But I spoke with my boss and told me that for us to find them better, they could know."

"How much of it are you going to say?" Vesper asked.

"Not much." Paul answered. "Just the basics."

"Who's going to tell them?" Vesper asked.

"I will." Paul said. "Let's join them in breakfast and tell them about the news."


Vesper nodded and walked behind Paul to meet with the rest of the boys. 


This was a new life style for Vesper. She would actually become a normal teenager, she had dreamed of that for ever, but she simply couldn't, her life style didn't let her. She followed quietly behind Paul to meet with the rest of the guys so that they could know what was going on.


"Boys." Paul said catching their attention. "I need your full attention."

"Sure." Liam said turning the Tv off. 

"What's wrong?" Louis asked.

"You remember yesterday in the limo when I asked Vesper about her ASA rank?" Paul asked and the boys nodded. "Well, ASA stands for Australia Spy Association-"

"That means that Vesper is a spy?" Harry asked. 

"Yes." Vesper answered. "So is Paul. And here is the deal."

"I'm adopting Vesper." Paul said. "Her parents were killed by them."

"Who are them?" Liam asked.

"A group of terrorist that are behind something that my parents had, and gave to me." Vesper said. "The problem is that I have no idea what it is."

"Ok..." Zayn started. "Let's get something clear. Paul and Vesper, you guys are spies." Paul and Vesper nodded. "Ok. Paul is adopting Vesper." Once again Paul and Vesper nodded. "And you are trying to find them."

"That is correct." Paul said. "Now, I have to go and work on a report for the ASA."

"This is so coo!" Niall exclaimed.

"No one can know about this." Paul said staring seriously at the guys. "If a words goes out about what we talked, we would be in serious trouble."

"Understood." Liam said. "Care to give away something more, you know so that we can understand?"

"Yes." Paul said. "I will be working in that right now. In the mean time, please help Vesper."

"In what?" Harry asked.

"Explaining her about your life." Paul said and walked out of the room.


Vesper saw as Paul walked out of the room, she turned her gaze to five boys who were staring at her. Vesper's hair was long , she had beautiful brown eyes. She looked like the perfect doll. And what made it best, was the reason that she never wore make up. 




"Vesper." Harry said. "You know we are a famous boy band."

"Yes." Vesper answered. "You are One Direction, currently on a tour, heading over to Australia."

"How you know?" Liam asked.

"I studied you guys last night." Vesper answered. "I needed to know with whom I was going to be."

"Ok..." Louis said. "What do you like to do?"

"I usually hack into different databases and retrieve information I might find necessary or simply interesting." Vesper answered.

"Have you ever done something that is not about spy?" Liam asked.

"No." Vesper answered. "Since I have memory I have always been involved with spies and doing all those things."

"Do you want to be a normal teenager?" Niall asked.

"Would you teach me?" Vesper asked unsure.

"Of course." Zayn answered. "Let's get started with making you a twitter." 


And just like that for the rest of the day, One Direction helped Vesper become a normal teenager, while she taught them some easy tricks that would made their life easier.

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