The way I am

Its all fun and game until... It's not
When you have no life left no parents no possession no one that loves you what do you do.


1. Prologue


"Seriously Dane leave me the hell alone" 
"No" he said flatly as he followed behind me "not until you learn me some damn respect" 
"Well then you gonna be chasing me along time then because I don't have an ounce 'damn' respect for you in my body"
He caught up to me he grabbed my arm and spun me around "don't you walk away from me" 
"I'll do what I want Dane your not even related to me so your not even technically my brother so just leave. You don't have an ounce of damn power over me so screw off!" 
"You gonna be sorry you did that Anna" 
"I am? Am I " I taunted. The truth was Dane scared the crap outa me
"Yeah" he whispered I didn't even have time to respond when his fist came fly towards me an pounded me in the stomach I took all the wind outa me his fist rose back up and pounded into me again and again the severing pain became sharper with every blow; I managed to cross my arms over my stomach to offer some protection but as I did I realised my hands were wet with blood I fell to the floor but Dane wasn't don't yet he started kicking me in the head as I cried out in pain but he didn't have mercy on me. I don't know how long I had left before I fell unconscious but I remember him taking all my clothes of and saying "there freeze to death bleed to death I DON'T CARE" and he walked away cackling with laughter...

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