The way I am

Its all fun and game until... It's not
When you have no life left no parents no possession no one that loves you what do you do.


2. chapter 2


The next thing I know there's a beeping and a blurry image above me then a faint voice comes into view
"Hey can you hear me?
What's your name?"
"My's Anna" I crocked
"Hey sleepy head" said the voice "how you doing? hey. My name is carol I'm gonna be your nurse ok? it's going to be alright."
What what happened... Oh my god I'm in a freaking hospital I need to leave I tried to get up but I couldn't move.
"Why am I here" the panic in my voice grew "I need to leave... Now" oh my god Danes gonna kill me
"Your not going anywhere" laughed the voice
"What happened to me?" I whispered
"I can tell you that...... I'm doctor McLain but you can call me Jake I was here on call in the ER when you came in last night in the ambulance you got pretty badly beaten up can you Tell me what happened?
"I don't wanna talk about" I sobbed
"Maybe later" I heard the nurse whisper
I felt like such an idiot how could I let Dane do this too me i should have fought back or ran away.
" Jake just how bad is it?"
"Well who ever did this messed you up bad when you came in last night all you had on was a pair of panties and a bra you had mild hyperthermea we did a rape kit that came back negative. You had a whole in your stomach the size of an orange which we sewed back up you have a broken wrist and a  sprained ankle but that should be ok in a few days you also had a sever concussions and some minor head wounds... Can I ask how old you are?"
OH god here we go I'm gonna be the problem because this is gonna be child abuse claim because I'm not 18 yet and Danes 23 nows he's really gonna kill me. He'd do prison time over my dead body (that was actually pretty ironic considering It might very well be 'over my dead body')

"I'm...I'm 17 in 3 days" I mumbled. The 'good doctor' in the corner looked down at his feet whilst chewing on his lip as he looked up at me I saw genuine sorrow in his eyes.

"ok" he sighed 'your under aged so I'm going to have to call the police and report this they will be here soon. He left swiftly with out another word.

I suddenly noticed a figure pacing out side my widow.

"uh Carol whos that out side ?"

"Oh yes him that's Nate he found you and then call 999. Insisted on riding with out in the ambulance and has not left yet even to get coffee he want's to make sure your ok can I let him in?"

"Yeah sure id like to thank him"

"Okey-dokey" smirked the nurse

"what" I said

"oh you'll see" she walked out of the room with a grin a mile long.

The door opened slowly, cautiously when he finally came into view I understood the grin that was a mile long; he was FREAKING GEOURGEOUS oh my god I was going to drool.

He stood at my door he looked nervous and shy. His jaw line was lined with stubble giving him  a boyish quality, his eyes were stunning they were so green with silvery-grey flecks running through them, his hair was a deep brown colour it was swept across his face and stuck up in some kind of tuffs but I put that down to what the nurse about him being here all night.

I needed to say some thing before I embarrassed my self "Hi" I offered he seemed reluctant "I'm Anna baker                                                                                                                                                                   "I'm .... Nate well actually my names Nathan but every one calls me Nate "

"Thank you for finding me id have froze if you hadn't called an ambulance..."

"Yeah well its kinda nice to see your face when is not all blue and your eyes won't open I was convinced you were going to die"

"What happened? I asked

" I heard a whimpering  and a faint cry i thought it was another cat in a bin kinda thing by the time I found you you'd lost consciousness I phoned the cops" he sat down on the bed and placed his hand some what protectively over my calf he seemed to be making sure I was all there - it amused me  some how  I lifted my eyes up to meet his and he smiled at me I did the same with out think and then on impulse I flung my arms around him and buried my head in his shoulder.

No one had done something so nice for me in a long time I'd been on my own for so long i'd know him all but 3 minutes and  I felt safe with him. the guy could be an axe murderer for all I new and I didn't care one bit.
"how long have you been here?" i queried

"about 18 hours"

"oh my god im sorry" i said i tried too get up and fuss but as i did the pain hit and i scrunched my face up

"no no" he cooed "you rest I've got to go home and shower before work but ill come back tonight what your favourite" he questioned "Chinese? Indian? Mexican?"

"This is gonna sound really lame" i confessed "ive never had any of them growing up"

He looked at me like i was an alien from another planet "right that's it" he declared "i'm  gonna bring you the biggest buffet of grease and carbs you've ever had"

i giggled god i must sound like a pathetic school girl "All right ill see you later then"

he smiled at me and turned and left.

Then Carol came bursting in " oh my freaking god he is gorgeous" she exclaimed

"I KNOW"  I gushed "hes coming back later for dinner i think he  likes me"

"your pretty in a hospital gown darling you gonna catch a big fish" she flash me smile "ill come back in later help you brush your hair and stuff for when he comes back" she offered

"thankyou" i said as she left and walk out

Only then did i realise how tiered i was and with that i drifed of to sleep.


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