Storm forever cursed?

Storms had bad luck ever since the day his mother gave birth to him in a strong thunder storm. But, will he ever have a life where he will be no longer cursed?


17. The Show

Dressage or Showjumping . . . Its quite a big choice really. I'm not the best jumper in the world, and I will never ever remember all the steps for dressage. But its not up to me . . . 


Zoe had cleaned my tack and had a jacket on, with white jodhpurs. We were entering a show together today. We were entering Dressage and Showjumping. Im rubbish at both. It didn't help that I found out Lucky wasn't going to be at the jumping, but was going to be in dressage. Me, Lucky and Beauty were put into the truck. Zoe's sister was going to ride Lucky. 

Dressage went well for all of us. I came first and got a purple rosette, and Zoe got a trophy. Lucky and Zoe's sister came second and got a blue rosette each. Katie and Beauty came 4th, and got a black rosette.

An hour later, we were doing the showjumping competition. The jumps were really high. Too high . . .

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