Storm forever cursed?

Storms had bad luck ever since the day his mother gave birth to him in a strong thunder storm. But, will he ever have a life where he will be no longer cursed?


16. Nanny

Because my mother died when I was being born, and Beauty's mum was at her old home; the children didn't have a Nan. Well, for a while anyway.


We were in our stables. The children were two months old now; and they both had their own stables. Beauty was ready to go back to be ridden again, so Katie came to her stable and put on Beauty's tack. She gave us both a carrot and then tied her up to the paddock fence. Zoe came into my stable and tacked me up, and tied me next to my wife, Beauty.

The girls both got on our backs and then we went for a hack. But who was going to look after the kids? Then Lucky volunteered eagerly, almost begging, and they all went into the paddock.

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