Storm forever cursed?

Storms had bad luck ever since the day his mother gave birth to him in a strong thunder storm. But, will he ever have a life where he will be no longer cursed?


9. Lessons

Zoe decided pretty quickly what I0 was going to be. I was happy for her, and only her to ride me though.


Me and Lucky were in our stables. Zoe came out of the house, and so did her aunt. Her Aunt put a saddle and bridle on Lucky, then got on her back. It looked fun. Then Zoe put a saddle on me. I was fine. She put a bridle on. I was still fine. She got on, and I got a bit scared. I started walking sideways, but her soothing voice calmed me. I instantly knew what to do when she squeezed me, and I started walking.

We walked over to a sand school. We walked around a few times. Then we done some trotting, and then we cantered, together. It was great. Then her aunt put up a jump. I didn't want to jump yet, so I refused it. I made sure my beloved Zoe did not fall off my back. She got off, untacked me then took me to the paddock. We played chase for about an hour, and it was really fun!

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