all over again (sequel to im torn)

so after bridgit and louis have that happy ending with the twins and her foster parents get arrested and she thinks everything's ok everything goes bad! her foster parents get out of jail her son suddenly gets diagnosed with cancer and everything seems to be falling apart. what can she do now.


2. will he be ok

 Bridgit's P.O.V

 I just froze and felt the tears run down my face. I felt Louis arms wrap around me and I couldn't move

"will he be ok?" I managed to get out

"it depends on if he gets the right treatment and if he gets the right kemo"

"uh uh ok"

"since you have insurance it wont be that much money but, you'll still have to pay some money"

"ok, does he have to stay here over night?"

"yeah he'll have to stay here until he gets treated at least 4 times"

"how long will that be?" Louis asked

"atleast a month or so"

I started crying even harder. my son had cancer, my step parents just got out of jail and theyre probably going to start harassing me. I really didn't want to be alive. my life was falling to pieces again. I knew I had to be brave for beau. I stopped crying and he looked at me



"how long do I have to stay here for?"

"it depends"

"ok" he laid back down.

I got up and told Louis on of us had to go home to get him a bag of clothes. and I want to take lyssa home and see if niall, or liam could take her

"yay!yay! I wanna go to liam's house mummy"

"ok ok lyssa first I have to ask if its ok"

"ok mummy"

I got up, picked up lyssa and left the room. I got my phone out and called liam.


"hey liam, beau is really really sick. do you think you could watch lyssa for a little while"

"yeah ill watch her just drop her off"


I turned around to lyssa

"guess what?"




we got in the car and drove about an hour to get to our house then she ran upstairs and packed a bag. she packed her bag like she was older than she really was.

"wow lyssa you packed really good for a five year old"

"tank you haha"

I got beau's bag and put lyssa back in the car. i drove to liam's and lyssa practically jumped out of the car. she ran up to liam and jumped to give him a hug. he picked her up as I brought her bag up to him.

"thank you so much for taking her"

'no problem its fun when shes around since you know the whole thing with Danielle"

"yeah, im sorry liam"

'its ok'

I gave lyssa a hug and got back in the car. to the hospital I go.

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