all over again (sequel to im torn)

so after bridgit and louis have that happy ending with the twins and her foster parents get arrested and she thinks everything's ok everything goes bad! her foster parents get out of jail her son suddenly gets diagnosed with cancer and everything seems to be falling apart. what can she do now.


3. sleepover at liam's

liam's P.O.V

I got a call from breanna. she said beau was really sick and she needed someone to watch lyssa. she asked if I could watch her and since Danielle wasn't around I needed some company.. even if the company was only 5. about 30 minutes later I heard lyssa at the door she ran and gave me a hug. after she said bye to her mom she ran inside

"hey liam what do u wanna do" she just smiled at me

"well lyssa what do YOU want to do?"

"I wanna jump on the trampoline"

I picked her up and carried her outside to the trampoline. she was jumping and having so much fun. I wish me and Danielle had the chance to have a kid. I was interrupted by lyssa

"are you getting on liam"


I got on and started jumping and she was flying all over the place. she was laughing so hard it was so funny. I layed down on the trampoline and she tried making me fly but failed.

"liam im hungry, can we go to mcdonalds?"


I got off the trampoline and got her and got in the car.




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