all over again (sequel to im torn)

so after bridgit and louis have that happy ending with the twins and her foster parents get arrested and she thinks everything's ok everything goes bad! her foster parents get out of jail her son suddenly gets diagnosed with cancer and everything seems to be falling apart. what can she do now.


1. everything's ok

 bridgits P.O.V

 so after everything that happened with chris and katie i had twins. lyssa and beau. they're 4 now and we live in a big house in a development. today was me and louis' anniversary and everything seemed to be going right untill i got the call


"hey is this bridgit"

"yes why,"

"well i just wanted you to know that christopher topper and katie topper have gotten out of jail, just to for warn you."

"ok thanks for telling me"

"no problem"

the line ended and i went to tell louis.


"im in beau's room he doesnt feel or look good i think he might be sick"

i ran upstairs and into beau's room

"mommy" he said with a sleepy and sad voice

"yeah baby whats wrong"

" my tummy hurts"

"do you want mommy to get you medicine"

"yeah" he said almost crying

i went downstairs and into the medicine cabinet and got children's tylenol. i ran back upstairs and on the way i seen lyssa

"hey mommy look what i do to my doll"

"yeah honey that looks great' i was in such a rush i walked passed her to go to beau's room

"mommy you didnt even look"

'honey mommy's in a rush because your brother doesnt feel well so after im done helping beau ill play with you ok"

'ok mommy" she skipped back to her room and closed the door.

i walked into beau's room to see him hunched over on the bed crying his eyes out

"he has an 103 fever ill call the doctor while you give him the medicine" louis said he had this really concerned look on his face

i bent down next to beau and filled up the cap to the amount he's supposed to have.

i heard louis coming back up to his room and he just looked at me with that get-the-kids-ready kinda look.

"he needs to go to the hospital he's really sick"

i went into lyssa's room and got her an outfit ready since she was only in her pajama's.after i got her dressed i got beau up and in his pant's. his head was burning up. i picked him up and carried him outside because he was so weak he couldn't walk. lyssa as usual kept asking her questions like "is he ok"..."how long are we going to be there"..." can we stop to get food". i just didn't answer because she would just throw more questions.

***at the hospital***

we were in the waiting room and the lady directed us back to the room with a big bed a couple of chairs and a t.v. THANK GOD because if there wasn't a T.V lyssa would drive me crazy! after about 30 minutes a doctor came in with this big machine and said she needed to run some test. she stuck ivy's into him which made him cry in pain. i wanted to cry hearing him cry. they said they were done and the test would be back in about 20-30 minutes

"best anniversary ever!" louis said sarcastically

'don't worry ill make up for it later"

he smiled and was about to say something until the doctor walked back in.

"do any of you's have cancer in your family?"

fear hit me when she said that

"my mom died of cancer when i was about two, why?"

"well beau here was diagnosed with leukemia

i just froze and i could feel the tears run down my face





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