Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


11. you promised

So I added to the rest of the other chappie. Um guys I spilled Nial varnish remover in my Iphone4s, any advice how to save it?????????. Also a Sneak peak of whats to come Jess and Harry are going to learn some things about each other??? Whats going to happen when she finally sees zayn?? lol I dont think Lou likes Jess very much do you?? No here is a sneak peak of the next chapter!!


I sat there, taking everything he said. trapped. lies. brainwashed.Zayn. he still loves me. I looked at Harry who was watching me. I didnt say anything right away. I just studied him. Starting with his curls. "What was he talking about Harry?", I gasped. I hadnt realized I had been holding my breath. "Jess you, have to know that everything I did I did it because I love you, please remember that". I dont know why but slowly the tears fell, I dont even know why I was crying "Harry, youre scaring me", I whispered. He had a tear or two threatening to fall. He was on his knees infront of my grasping my thighs, and looking me in the eyes "Baby you have to promise me you wont leave, you cant leave, I love you promise me you wont leave me, im so sorry, I did it because I love you", he was crying and begging. I closed my eyes nodding "I promise". He cried harder burrying his head in my lap. I cried silent tears as I soothed him running my hand through his curls. My heart was racing so fast what could Harry possibly have done, to make him like this, to cry, to think id leave him, to make Lou mad at him.

We continued to sit in silence, as his head was still in my lap as he cried. I knew my intuition told me that it was to let this go for the sake of our relationship but I had to know, but I also hated seeing Harry this way. I kissed his hair "Sweetheart look at me". He nodded no in my lap, shaking his head from side to side "Harry, baby look at me". He slowly did, his face was stained with tears, and his eyes were red, his nose was flaring, and his hair was everywhere. I took my hands on each side of his face. I kissed his forhead, then his nose, each cheak, the corners of his mouth, then his lips "Harry, I love you. Whatever you did that you feel was so bad, im sure we can get through this". "Promise?", he asked like a scared little puppy. I smiled reasurringly "I promise". He sat on the sofa beside me stretching his feet out and resting his head in my lap again so he could see my face. He closed his eyes and began to tell me everything. "I didnt mean for it to happen this way, A while ago I told you zayn had sex with Perrie, he didnt I thought he did but he didnt. They did see each other though, and they kissed but he begged me not to tell you. In return I told him he had to do something for me, he agreed. I told him he had to break up with you until after tour. He didnt want to he begged me for something else, but I would change my mind. The deal was He got another day with you. And thats the day you both disappeared. And you two "made love", it broke me. So I told him to forget about the bet. But then I knew you had to feel a little bit guilty so thats when I told you I couldnt do this anymore, its also the first time you told me you loved me. When we kissed, and you were only thinking about Zayn I got angry, and told thats when he ended it. I didnt know it was going to cause you to, ya know what happened. He tried to come back and apologize but I wouldnt let him in, then thats when I found you, he kept saying something was wrong, that something didnt feel right, and thats how I found you. When he was at the hospital and you took him back I died inside, so I called perrie and told her about you, she wanted Zayn back so we lied, She told him that she was pregnant, and I told your mum about perrie, and the baby. They said that he had to end it with you because they didnt want that life for you. So he left you for good. I married you, and you started to really fall for me. I didnt tell you about Zayn because, I told him that you were over him. Thats when he started the heavy drinking, and sleeping with all of those different girls. That day he was in the hospital it wasnt medicine for him not sleeping it was for depression and anxiety. Louis came by because Zayn doesnt know and We leave for tour in a week". I sat their taking it all in. How could he do that to me to zayn. And after all of this he is leaving. I couldnt deal. Tears sprung from my eyes, I began to hyperventilate. Harry was up and looking at me with fear. I stood abruptly wanting to be nowhere near him "Jess?", he pleaded reaching for me. "DONT TOUCH ME", I yelled pulling farther away. My breaths started to come of like heaves, I honestly could breathe. I looked at him, he was a stranger a liar, and yet I loved him. "YOU LIED TO ME HARRY, EVERYTHING WAS A LIE!", "Jess please?", he pleaded stepping closer. I stepped back "NO YOU LIED TO ME, DID YOU EVER EVEN LOVE ME AT ALL?". He broke tears in his eyes "Yes yes I love you I still do I always have, baby please I was stupid, you promised jess you said you wouldnt leave". I looked down at the ring in disgust "I have to get this off", I whispered prying it from my fingers, that had turned cold. "No jess, please dont do this, dont be stupid, you said we can work this out". I scoffed yelling as loud as I could "FUCK YOU, THIS RING MEANS NOTHING TO ME ITS ALL FAKE, LIKE YOU AND THIS MARRIAGE". I threw the ring at him, it landing with a thud against his chest and dropping to the floor. I ran and grabbed my purse and keys heading for the door. Just my hand hit the knob of the door. Harry grabbed my other hand spinning me around "No! I wont loose you". I did something I never thought I would do I brought my hand across his face and slapped him with all my might "You just did". I slammed the door just standing there. Tears poured down my face. I heard Harry scream and punch the door a couple of times, making me jump before he yelled "FUCK" and everything went still. I ran to my car, tears pouring down my face. I heard multiple clips, and I knew what they were but I didnt care. I had to get out of here.

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