Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


3. not what I expected

I fell on Harry`s chest, both of us breathing heavy. He wrapped his arms around me snuggling me into his chest. "That was fantastic", he said panting. I chuckled kissing his butterfly on his stomach. "Next time we do what I want", he said rubbing circles on my back. I propped myself up on his chest "and that would be?". He grinned kissing my lips "I want you to be my naughty student". I chuckled shutting my eyes "Cheeky". He sat up pulling me with him "So you`ll do it?". I opened my eyes and chuckled at his eagerness "Sure babe, if thats what you want, what do I have to do?". He smiled "You have to wear a uniform, and be really disrespectful, and enticing". I laughed "you really thought this through havent you? when do you want to do it?". He smiled "Yeah I have and how about tonight, I will cook us dinner and then..". I smiled testing him "I dont know Harry, im really tired thats a lot of sex in one day". He pouted "Please its our anniversery baby!". I kissed his lips "Ok but you have to wear a tie". he chuckled standing up "someone has got a fetish". I ignored his comment and headed for the shower. I put on one of Harry`s shirt since I was going to be in a uniform in a couple of hours. I switched on the local news sitting on the bed as I brushed my teeth. The screen came back as the news caster told the events of today "Well it was a scary moment today when one direction band member Zayn malik was rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. It was said that other band member Niall Horan, Harry styles, Liam Payne, and Louis tomlinson, rushed to be by their band mates side. Word has it that malik was released today around two o`oclock pm, after having many test done no word yet if popstar Zayn will be admitted into rehab, or if this was merely an accident". I stared at the screen completely dumbfounded. I couldnt believe Harry went and didnt even tell me. He told me that he hadnt talked to zayn since he left that day a month ago. Had he been lying to me or was he just looking out for his band mate. He didnt even bother to say if he was ok or not. I hope Zayn was alright. I switcted the tv off and went into the bathroom rinsing the tooth paste from my mouth. "Harry?", I called walking down the stairs. He turned around handing me a plate with the dinner he had just made. "what is it love?", he said sitting across from me at the bar. "You never told me how was your day, what did you do today?", I said taking a bite out of my food. It was delicious like always. He swallowed smiling "Just the usual I went to the studio, recorded and wrote a bit, why?". I gave him a fake smile "Just wondering, so nothing intresting or unusual happened today?". I continued eating as he stared at me with confusing "No, why?". I looked at him showing no emotion "Just wondering what my husband was up to today is all, did you know Zayn was admitted into the hospital today, apparently he had alcohol poisoning, but of course you wouldnt have known that would you Harry?, Not unless you went to the hospital along with Niall, Liam, and Louis.". He choked on his food his eyes getting wide "Jess.. I..i". I put my fork down "You werent going to tell me were you Harry?". He looked at me guilty "I.. I", "Were you?", I spat. He immediatly got enraged "I dont see what the big deal is?". I stood up angry with him "NOTHING JUST THAT MY SO CALLED 'HUSBAND' CANT EVEN TELL ME THE TRUTH, YOU KNOW WHAT IM NOT REALLY IN THE MOOD TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU AGAIN". I stormed up the stairs shutting our bedroom door.

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