Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


1. month later

I was sitting on my bed. It had been a month since I left my mum, she was sad to see me leave but she thought after everything that had happened it was understandable that I wasnt Happy there anymore. So now I have a flat in london. It is really beautiful, but it still doesnt quite feel like home, but for now I guess it was. I wrapped the towel closer around my nude body. The sun was blaring down my back through the opened window in my room. So much has changed since this summer. I cut my hair leaving it stopping in align with my chest, I even stripped  it so it was back at its honey brown chocolate color. I started my training again after I left and I was even signed to the Great Britian`s winter Olympics figure skating team. But even after all thats happened at times like this when Im alone with nothing to do I would find myself thinking back to Zayn just wondering what he was up to even if he missed me even just a little bit. Whenever I saw his name or any of one direction on tv or in a magazine I made a great effort to completely cast it from my sight. I felt different I knew without a shadow of a doubt I still loved Zayn very much after all just over a month ago we were still together. But that was then and this is now and still so much had changed I let my eyes trail down my body. Wondering over my tanned skinned down to my bare hands stopping on my left and right hand which was ringless. I sighed thinking of what could have been. I was so lost in my own world of thoughts oblivious to what was going on. A hand brought me back to, It rested on my cheek bringing my face to stair into those beautiful emarld eyes "Babe are you alright, I called your name but you didnt answer?". I smiled brushing off my previous thoughts "Im fine Harry, I was just thinking thats all, I didnt hear you come in, how was your day?". He smiled at me "Good but better now im here with you". He kissed my lips leaving then tingly and warm from his touch. He took in my sight and smirked standing up "Well Mrs. Styles I know you really enjoy the sight of me completely naked but I have to say I am enjoying your body way more". He reached for my hand pulling the towel away from my body. His eyes trailed down my body coming back up to my face he licked his lips making me chuckle "Like what we see?". He smiled "Oh I love what I see". I took it a step further reaching for his hands and placing them on my waist as I teased his lips with my tongue. I felt him shiver as I reached for his hair tangle it with my fingers and pulling slightly. He pulled away slightly his breath teasing my skin "I want you", he begged. I kissed his lips then his cheeks "Sorry Harry I dont have time, I have a session in 30 minutes". He grunted frustrated "You tease!". I laughed slipping on my uniform "Do you wanna come?". He smirked "Does that mean if i go we come back and finish this". I grabbed my keys turning back to him and winked walking out the door.


I advise you read the first book Prom Night!!

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