Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


5. message

hey guys I just wanted to say i dont think im going to be updating the way I was before like making you wait for 4-8 days. I honestly dont care about how many I readers have any more, You guys who constantly comment mean more to me so I will try and update everyday sometimes twice a day. So there will be one up later today. But heads up get ready the drama is about to start again and also something really big happens that might just change the way Harry sees Jess. Could it be good or bad? What do you think will happen please comment It means a lot and I enjoy reading what you guys have to say..

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