Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


6. I MEAN IT!!

The rest of the week went by rather fast. Me and Harry would get in little squabbles about small things like what we were eating for dinner, me not showing enough affection. In my book that last one was total bull. He even complained that he didnt like my work and training schedule and how in a few weeks it would conflict with his schedule. But besides that the week went rather well, knox was shocking my everyday that little boy was wonderful, and Harry even gave me a small update on Zayn. Which he wasnt to happy about but he said zayn was better but he was going to clubs a lot. I chose to ignore that last bit I figure it was Harry`s way of trying to tell me he is moved on and so are you.. I locked my car stepping out still thinking about the thoughts lingering in my head. It was friday and Harry was home by now because it was a little after seven and just staring to get dark out. I walked to the front of my building as the doorman  held the glass door open for me giving me a smile. I returned it but something caught my attention when I heard a snap. I turned around looking out and heard another on it sounded like a camera. I chose to ignore figuring as it wasnt really a big deal no one knew about me so I was fine. I walked into out flat calling out for harry. "Harry?, im home", he came around the corner imediately making me smile. He was wearing grey joggers and a plain white tshirt with a beanie. I dropped my bag on the floor and walked over to him. I snaked my arms around his neck and smiled pecking his lips. He chuckled "Woah I never get greeted like that". I smiled even harder pecking his lips again, he pulled away smiling "somebody missed me". I laughed pulling away "Sorry you just look incredibly sexy with your hair pushed back". He smirked taking my bag and taking it to our room "Maybe I should wear it pushed back more often". I laugh taking off my jacket and shirt "sure but I cant promise that I will keep my hands to myself". He grinned coming over and pecking my forehead "I made special bath water for you and dinner is almost ready". I bit my lip as he walked back out of the room, man he was up to something, normally he waited for me to come home and make dinner. I stripped myself of the rest of my clothing and climbed into the nice warm bath water. I wasnt exactly sure what Harry wanted me to wear because as I said today way friday. I setteled for some sexy undies and bra set and one of Harry`s buttoned up shirts. I buttoned the last few buttons so from my navel up the shirt was open. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, instantly aroma feeling my nose and making my mouth water. Harry had his back facing me as he was stirring something in a pot. I wrapped my arms around him burrying my head in his back "Hmm smells good". He turned around forcing me to drop my arms, his eyes widened at the sight of me. "What?", I said tilting my head to the side he as looking at me funny. He shook his head brushing it off "Nothing, it just reminded me of something". "What?", I ask propping myself up so I could sit on the counter top watching him cook. "Nothing just the day I realized I fell in love with you", He looked at me waiting for my reply. I leaned forward reaching for his hand, he walked forward placing himself between my legs. "When was that?", I asked, nervous for what he would say. He looked down avoiding my eyes "The day after we had sex for the first time, when you were wearing my shirt,that morning". I wrapped my arms and legs around him "Why that day?", He looked down meeting my eyes "Because when i saw you with my shirt on I thought wow she looks absolutely stunning and I just want her to be mine and then when we got in our first arguement I couldnt help but feel terrible for making you upset yet in awe at how cute you were when mad and then when you left I wasnt sure if you weregoing to come back which scared me so thats when I knew". I looked at him blankly, how was I to reply to that, i was in awe, but i also felt incredibly guilty. He knew he loved me in the first 24 hours of knowing me sure I wasnt to convinced that it didnt have anything to do with us and what happened in his bedroom, but the point of the matter, it wasnt til days later that I even came to grip with the fact I might even remotely have feeling for Harry. "I love you", I whispered bringing my lips up to meet his. He pulled away resting his hand on my cheek stroking it wih his thumb "I love you too Jess". He pulled away taking to plates from the cupboard "Now lets eat", He fixes our plates and sets it down on the dinning room table "Well arent you being sweet, Harry". He chuckled showing that cheeky grin I love "Well I havent forgotten its friday". We ate dinner having idle conversation, basic so how was your day? etc.  Afterwards we washed the dishes together laughing and playing but then Harry turned serious "I have a surprise for you". He led me to the couch in the living room "Close your eyes". I did as I was told. I heard him come back "Ok open", he purred. I opened my eyes instantly feeling over whelmed with what I saw. He sat on the floor in front of me holding the most precious thing I had ever seen in his hands, I dont know why but tears sprung from my eyes I was at a lost for words.


I will finish the rest of this chapter later im going to take a nap!! Oh and If you watch the video diary of Harry and the guys on the couch when they do inbetweeners dance you will understand what im talking about.

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