Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


16. Explanation

My brother looked at me with disappointment "Seriously after everything, you are going to just baby him, so what he has a little blood, running down his face". I huffed "Jason im not babying him, Harry is still my husband and no matter how mad I am at him, it doesn't give you the right to go around punching him". Harry groaned grabbing my hand, I guess I was putting to much pressure, I looked down at him dabbing his face "Sorry", I mumbled. He opened his eyes looking at me, his sparkling back at me. For that moment I could have stared into them forever but that changed when he opened his mouth "Jess, baby im so sor-", "Save it Harry", I cut him off dabbing his face again. I looked at Jason "Could you give us a minute?". He threw his hands in the air "Seriously Jess, your going to-". I gave him an all knowing looking shutting him up "Fine!", he grumbled "I will just go get us something to eat, be back in an hour that's all he gets", he stated glaring at Harry.


Ok sorry for the short update, I will finish it up later, im trying to update at least a paragraph in every movella. ok just to clear this up so there is no more confusion. Harry lied to jess about Zayn, being in the hospital and why he was in medication, and in prom night about Perrie. He and perrie came up with a way to break Jess and Zayn up, by perrie telling zany she was pregnant. Perrie never directly tells zayn its his but zayn thinks so because, he was last with perrie. They did meet up in prom night but only kissed, which harry later finds out and tries to blackmail zany with it, by making him break up with Jess. But zany wont do that's when he sleeps with jess at the cottage. Harry then went and told Laci (Jess` mum), about perrie, and she tells zany she no longer wants him to date her daughter, hence when Zayn dumps Jess at the cottage. He does it for Harry, Laci, and perrie. There will be later stuff that will come up but that when ZAYN COMES TO THE STORY. which IS VERY SOON!!!!!!

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