Never Ending night

"Im tired Harry!! Cant you see that!!". He let more tears escape his eyes "so what does this mean?". I cursed my self for what was happening "I..I cant do this". I was a secret a dark evil little secret never talked about during the day I was in his was world of never ending night.


2. confrontation

I arrived promtly on time. Today was tuesday, so at 4:30 for a whole hour I would teach a ice skating class. It consisted of 5-9 year olds so I had my hands full. Harry arrived at around 4:45, because no one in the world knew we were married besides the two of us, we had to leave our flat at different times. We lived in an apartments style building that consisted of a total of ten flats so paps only thought of me as another resident. Harry waved to me walking by to my office which had a clear view of the rink. I continued to teach the little ones like I always did but I couldnt help but notice that I always had one student who was rather talented. I watched as the little boy would spin circles around the other children who could barely even stand without falling. "Knox", I called over to him as he skated gracefully to me. "Ma`am?", the little boy asked. I leaned down so we were almost eye level "Your very good you know you have lots of potential, would you like private lessons?". He beamed at me then frowned fiddling with his hands "Id love that but i dont think my mum could afford it". I smiled at the boy bringing him in for an embrace "I will work that out ok? stay after class today and tell your mum id like to have a word with her ok?", He nodded and skated off. I chuckled I was never a big fan of children growing up but after teaching the classes to this age group I actually enjoyed it even though Ive just been working for two weeks. Finally the last of the children were off the Ice and I saw Harry making his way down from my office with a smile plastered on his face. I felt a tap on my lower back and turned around to see knox and his mum. She extended her hand "Diane phelds". I smiled taking her hand "Pleased to meet you Ms. Phelds, please sit down, I wanted to talk about Knox". Knox smiled and took that as cue to leave, he went to the ice and looked in my direction. I smiled and nodded for him as he began to skate again. "What about knox, Ms?", she said urging me on. "Oh its Jess please call me jess, im just a teenager. Well Ive noticed that Knox is a lot more advanced than some of my other students well a lot to be exact, and I was wondering if you would consider letting me give him private lessons?". She frowned "Im not sure if I could afford tha and this class too considering he would still need to be in both?". I nodded "Yes he would still need both, but thats why I was wondering if You could bring him an hour before this class stared so I can give him the attention he needs, and Id be happy to do it for free." She scowled "Thats a kind offer but we dont take charity", she said dryly. "Dont think of it that way, Knox is a talented boy id hate to see his talent go to waste, if you allow me to give him the lessons. I can have him ready to compete in the novice regionals for youth figure skating, if he places he could be sighed to a company that will pay for every lesson he ever takes" I pleaded with her. She sighed "How much time does that give him?". I smiled "If he starts tomorrow, exactly 3 months". She stood sighing "Knox were leaving". I stood too giving him a hug as he walked over to his mother. She turned once ore to me before leaving "If he doesnt place, then he will go back to regular classes.". I smiled as she walked out the door. I felt arms wrap around me "You really like that kid dont you?". I turned around meeting Harry`s lips "He is good Harry". He smiled kissing me again "I cant wait til we have our own children". I pulled away "What?". He dropped his arms his smile vanishing "You do want children dont you?". I sat down looking up at him "I dont think so, I mean I never really thought about". He frowned sitting down beside me taking my hand in his "You`d make such a great mother and I want to be the fatherof your children, our children". I looked into his eyes and saw that he was absolutely serious "We have only been married for a month today Harry, I dont even have a ring, and our family`s dont even know". He took my face in his hands "None of that matters, its just us two, im not saying I want children now, just one day. We can go out and look for a ring tommorow if you want, just promse me that one day we will start a family together?". "I promise", I felt guilty I wasnt how sure I was of that promise. "Now" he said standin pulling me with him "Lets go home and finish what we started". I laughed kissing his lips "well arent you a cheeky boy, Mr. styles". He smacked my bum running to the door "Last one their has to give a lap dance!". "Hey!!", I ran after him laughing.

I raced to my car taking a short cut to the flat. I saw as Harry was parking his car. Paps quickly stormed around him bumbarding him with question. I took this as my chance and quickly parked running past them. I ran into the building and straight to the elevator. I unlocked our flat chuckling. I won which ment he had to give me that lap dance, this was going to be funny he hated doing them because he said it made him feel unmanly, because I would laugh. I grabbed a water bottle and headed for our bedroom. I took off my shoes and sat on the bed removing my hair from its pony tail.

Harry walked in frowning at me as I chuckled "I believe I beat you!". He mumbled taking off his shoes "Thats not fair, you know I should have won, stupid paps, please babe dont make me do this". I chuckled "tssk tssk.. If I was in your position you`d still make me do it, besides it was your idea". He frowned taking off his coat "this isnt fair". I smiled "And no music either styles". He frowned turning to me "oh come on, why not?". I smiled standing up removing his beanie "Because I dont want any distractions". He growled and pushed me down into a sitting position. He began removing his shirt first then walking over to me teasing my skin with his finger. He started wiggling his hips aking me break into a smile. He smirked "If you laugh I stop this right now". I bit my lips supresing a chuckle "Come on Harry you just look so cute when your doing it". He stopped "Im not supposed to look cute, im am trying to be sexy", he frowned. I couldnt help it I burst into fits of laughter. He huffed sitting down beside me "nice to know you think its funny". I giggled a bit more and then kissed his lips "Oh baby your sexy without trying, now please I promise I wont laugh this time". He made a fine line with his lips so I couldnt kiss him "Nope, you think its funny, so no kiss for you". I giggled at his childish behavior. I stood up removing my shirt and jacket. I sauntered over to Harry with a smirk. He just pressed his lips tighter together. I chuckled and kissed down his neck stopping at his shoulders. I gave in giving him a lap dance, until his lips found my neck making me freeze as he found my sweet spot. I moaned making him smile "Harry since I gave you that lap dance you wanted I think its time, we did something I want". He stopped turning me around with a curious look on his face "And that would be?". I smiled pushing him down and stradling him "I want to be on top", I whispred sudectively.

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