Titanium (niall horan)

Tatum is not your average teenager. She likes to get dirty with her guy friends playing lacrosse! She doesn't believe in Love. But what happens when 5 exchange students come to her school? Originally written on wattpad


3. Chapter 3

Liams POV-

I was walking thru the halls trying to find ay of my friends so they could tell me were the damn cafeteria was. I pulled out my phone to see if there was any text messages from any of them but there wasn't of course. I locked it and put it in my back pocket. I was walking passed the bathroom and decided to check in there. Thank god I saw Josh about to walk out. "Hey josh would you mind showing me to the cafeteria" I said while walking out of the bathroom area. "oh yea Liam sure I have B lunch as well" we started making small talk as we were walking to the huge building in the back. "so any ladies that catch your eye there mate" he said while shoving me a bit. I chuckled and replied "well there is this one girl but I don't think she likes me in that kind of way" I said while opening the door. "eh you never know till you ask." well I guess so. We started walking towards a table in the back. I saw the too guys from this morning and Tatum. I smiled to myself and watched Josh sit next to the blonde guy which is Jackson who I believe was flirting with Tatum. I sat on the opposite side which was next to Tatum and she was sitting next to the guy who I believe was Colton. "Hey Liam" Tatum turned to e and smiled. god she has a beautiful smile. wait what. um awkward. "Liam helloo" she said waving herhands in front of my face. "oh haha sorry about that,Hey whats up" I said blushing and putting my hands on the table. "I just wanted to tell you that I think since we have a week to work on out project geometry project that we could get together at my house tomorrow to work on it" she said not catching a breath. "yea sure here give me your number and ill call you tonight" I said giving her my phone, she gave me hers and I tried to unlock it but it had a password. "Tatum your password" "oh its 0503" I cant believe she just gave me her password. I smiled myself and types in my number (tatum is freakin lucky I want his number D;) I typed my name in her phone and wrote Hot Stuff with a winking emoji. I gave it back to her and she read it giggling "Very cheeky Liam" she handed me my phone and I read that it said Sexy Tatum with a emoji with its tongue out. "could say the same for yourself there" the rest of the lunch consisted of me flirting with her and her laughing. god shes great......

-HI! so I know that was probably short but I wrote it twice ugh. stupid. but comment down below if you have ideas! I will dedicate the next chapter to you!! follow on instagram @_liamsbiceps_ bye!!!!!!!!

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