Titanium (niall horan)

Tatum is not your average teenager. She likes to get dirty with her guy friends playing lacrosse! She doesn't believe in Love. But what happens when 5 exchange students come to her school? Originally written on wattpad


2. Chapter 2

Tatum's POV 
I arrived at school and picked up my board. I started walking over to the football field to meet up with Colton,Jackson josh and one of Josh's friends he met. While I was walking I looked around in search of any of them but couldn't find them. I started heading over to the boys locker rooms under the bleachers but couldn't find them. "What the hell" I sighed. All the sudden I heard voices and headed the direction I spotted Colton on one of the benches ad started walking to it. I say down without him noticing. "Hey colt" I said. "Oh hey tatum" he said sounding exited. "We're are the guys?" I said looking around the field. "There on their way over here now,did you ride your penny?" He asked. "Uh yes why?" He wiped my forehead and he showed me his hand "you are very sweaty ha" he wiped his hand on my shirt. I pushed him away and he started laughing "thanks for that" I sarcastically remarked. "Hey Guys!!" That voice sounded firmiliar. We turned around spotted Jackson josh and I'm guessing his new friend. "Oh hey guys" me and Colton said. Josh has been one of my close friends for awhile now. He and Jackson also play lacrosse. Jackson and I dated all last year but ended when I found out he cheated on me with the head cheerleader Macey. She has always hated my guts for some unknown reason. That's probably why she kissed my boyfriend. I'm snapped out of my thoughts when josh introduces us to his friend. "Guys this is Liam, he's an exchange student from England. Liam looked at us and I noticed him carrying a lacrosse stick. What? "You play" I tilted my head in his direction. "Uh yea I played at my old school so they let me play here" weird. He's very attractive. Expecially his accent. Tatum stop. "This is Colton and tatum" Jackson said pointing to colton and walking to me putting his arm around me playfully. "Are you guys dating" asked a confused Liam. "No!" I quickly said while backing away Jackson whispered "we could be in my ear and I flinched away. "Uh yea I'm gonna head to class," I asked walking away "see ya at lunch!" Colton yelled. I walked thru the gates and up the stairs. I noticed my shoe lace untied so I bent down to to tie it. When I stood up i saw Liam looking at his schedule confused. "Need some help" I said. He looked up and smiled "yea thanks" he said handing me his schedule. I looked at it and laughed " well Liam it looks like your stuck with me all day" he smiled and said "yes! At least ill no someone" he laughed "haha yea ill be your tour guide today" I said shoving him a bit. We started walking till we got to room 235. we walked in and I heard Liam's name being called. Um weird."excuse me tatum one sec." He walked over to them and I noticed they all had lacrosse sticks. Ugh great more players. But one in particular had my attention. He had blonde hair and it looked like he had blue eyes. He was wearing tan chinos and a Angels and Airways t-shirt. Oh yea that's my type of guy. I snapped out of my thoughts when the teacher said "Tatum sit down!!" She rudely said to me. I walked to the back and sat in the corner. A few deals away from Liam and his friends. Liam got up and made his way over to me receiving some weird states from the class. He smiled and sat at the desk connected to mine. "Well I guess your my new geometry partner" I smiled and he laughed....

Authors note-   Second chapter! Hope you like it!!!! Next chapter will maybe be in Liam's POV. But follow the account for this book on Instagram @_alltherelittlethingz for updates and pictures of the characters! If I get 3 votes ill update! -Sydne 

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