Titanium (niall horan)

Tatum is not your average teenager. She likes to get dirty with her guy friends playing lacrosse! She doesn't believe in Love. But what happens when 5 exchange students come to her school? Originally written on wattpad


1. Chapter 1

Tatums POV~;DING DING the alarm on my iPhone went off making me shoot up and groan. I picked it up and unlocked it I noticed I had one new message and opened it up.  
From: Colton 
Hey,your probably not up yet but coach said your on our field today helping.' 
  Ugh.. Your probably wondering what he's talking about but I play lacrosse for my school let me say I'm not bad at. Sometimes the guys coach calls me over and I help out with the guys. Just basically throwing them balls and being the goalie. 
To: Colton&
Thanks. Meet me by the field after school.  
I pulled the blue sheets off my body and got up from my bed. I felt the cold tile against my feet and walked to the door. I opened it receiving the smell of breakfast. I walked down the hall and down the wood stairs. "Hey isaac,Hey Scott  I said and waved to my brother and his best friend. Before I say anything else I should probably tell you about myself. I have blond wavy hair the goes right below my chest. I have green shiny eyes and I'm 5'2. I'm a junior in high school and 17 years old. I live in Florida. I live with my Dad and my two brothers, Isaac ad Drew. Isaac is 17 and Drew is 24.  My mom left us when I was about 6 so I've lived with all boys my whole life. Which I'm not complaining i truly like boys more then girls. Girl start too much drama. My only female friend is grace, we have lived across the street from each other since we were 7. She like my sister. I have a group of guy friends, you will see later. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a plate and waffles. I ate them really fast seeing is I only have 15 minutes till I have to leave for school. Which resulted in me getting syrup on my face. What can I say? I love food! I finished and put my plate in the sink and ran upstairs nearly falling on my face. I went to the bathroom and washed my face and put some water in my hair scrunching it making it decent to go out. I walked out and went to my room. I took off my white shirt and sweats and grabbed my hollister jean short and a blue muscle tank top with a black bandeau under it I went over to my closet and slipped on my teal blue vans. I grabbed a long cardigan and put it in my neon green jansport backpack. I put it on and grabbedy penny board, phone and headphones. I quickly brushed my teeth and ran downstairs I went over to Scott and grabbed my lacrosse stick and opened the door. "You riding your board to Scott?" I said to him without look at him. "Uh yea hold on" he went over to the couch and put one foot on the end of the skate board making the other side fly up. Isaac came running and said we would drive. I put my headphones in my ear and turned on Angels and airways. My favorite band in the word! I got on my board and started riding it with Scott behind  me.  
Authors note-  
Hi! So I feel like that was short but it was the first chapter so yea. This is a collab story with me and my friend Grace! She will basically right for her POV and I will right for mine. If this gets enough reads I will make a Instagram for the story and post what all the characters look like. So yea bye:D -Sydne<3

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