She wanted and she did it.

She wanted and she did it.


1. She wanted and she did it. {Pompeii}

''But if your close your eyes, Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?''

So began the chorus of one of my favorite songs 'Pompeii'.

Now I stood there again. Alone and abandoned in the schoolyard.
I knew that nothing had changed even though I had been away for almost two years now.
I felt everyone staring at me. Their gaze bored into my soul.
Deep in my soul. And gaze remained deep inside me though I not wanted to keep them.

The unpleasant feeling came back to me and I just wanted to turn around and run back home.

I was scared.
Scared to death.


I wish that everyone had forgotten who I was, but deep down I knew that they knew.
They knew exactly who I was and what they would do to me to get me to go away again.

I started humming quietly on'' Pompeii''.

I felt the rhythm in me.
The melody.
The lyrics came into my head.

I saw everything in front of me.
If I did not want to be treated like crap, I would not be treated like that.


They would not be allowed to do what they wanted with me.
I would put stop for it.


I wanted and I did it.


Every time someone started treating me like crap, I began to sing the chorus of Pompeii.

They looked a little weird on me now and then, but it did not matter.
I just did not think I would become a victim of bullying again.

I know that I will always be that person that will be different but I like it.

I might like to go and humming my favorite song when people hear.
One day you'll understand why I do it. You don't know why I go and humming a song all the time. Right?

You did not know how I felt when I was feeling like worst. You did not. No one feel how I feel. Because everyone have different feelings.


''But if you close your eyes, Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? And if you close your eyes, Does it almost feel like you've been here before?''


// Rebecca

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