��The story you are about to read is addicting. You won't be able to stop after you start. It's adventurous, full of action, drama, heartbreak, romance, love, heart, and most of all imagination and dreams. This story is about a girl who's world starts from nothing and became something. She was a dreamer, and always will be. This girl your about to read about dreams more then you and me speak daily, she loves to dream. But you can't live your life locked up in your room dreaming. She soon learns that. She learns you either choose to live in the dark or live your life young wild and free��


1. 🔻Him🔻


"Hurry Cara that wave is perfect!"

We paddle as fast as we can on our surf boards.

We catch the perfect wave.

Me and Cara look at each other mid-wave.

She looks straight into my blue eyes and I look straight back into her big brown eyes.

She smiles her huge smile that I love.

The perfect wave ended though.

"Aubrey, I need to tell you something"


"Well I'm...."

Everything stopped.

Ahh the dream is over!

"♪I love the way you make me feel, I love it, I love it.....♫"


That was a great dream last night.

I smack my alarm to turn it off.

Time to get up.

Ah fuck me.

I slowly pull my purple and mint sheets off my warm body, that was in the most comfortable position.

I slowly walk over to my mirror and look at my messy bun. 

I look at my white iPhone 5 and see that it's already 6:15.

I run downstairs and grab a towel from the linen closet and run back upstairs to my room.

I undress my body from my  Victorias Secret pajamas and took out my huge messy bun.

I turn the shower on and step into shower, the warm water hit my body.

I do my normal routine in the shower.

I get out and dry off.

I dry my long brown hair and then straighten it.

I then go to my closet and grab my black Love Pink leggings and an Abercrombie crop top that is ombre from blur to white.

I apply my normal makeup and then run and put on my black sandals.

"Aubrey hurry up you have to eat breakfast!"

"Okay mom I'll be right there!"

I run downstairs and see baby Cara in her little high chair eating oatmeal that is more on her face then in the bowl, but she looks adorable.

"Why hello wittle baby!" I say in a baby voice.


Oh my god it's so fucking adorable when she says hi


Ok time to eat. I run over to the island in the kitchen and sit on the stool.

I ate the chocolate chip muffin that my mom made.

"Thanks Mom!"

"Anytime Honey!"

I run back upstairs and grab my Juicy Couture purse and place my phone in it and walk back downstairs.

"Bye mom! Bye dad! Bye Cara!"

"Bye sweetie!"

"Bye pumpkin!"


Awww Cara.

I walk to my car and open the door of my white BMW.

I get in and turn the keys in the ignition and the car starts, I put the air conditioning on and turn the radio up.

I pull out of the driveway and drive to school.

After ten minutes of being in my awesome car I finally got to school.

Ahh thank god there's only one week left.

I grab my bag and walk out.

I walk into the dreadful school and see my best friend Ava.



We hug each other like we do everyday.

Here comes Ava's boyfriend.

Why do I hate him so much.

"Hi Aubrey."

"Hi Leo"

He gave me a quick hug.

Ok that's a little weird.

"I'll see you later Aubs"

"Okay Ava"

Leo and Ava walk away intertwining there hands.

I want a relationship so bad.

I walk to my locker and grab out my black binder for Algebra.

I hate algebra.

I walked to the room and sit down.

The late bell rings.

I look over at Leo and Ava's seats and they aren't there.


Mr. Jacobson took attendance and we started our dreadful lesson.

Yes algebra is finally over.

Uhh but time for science.

Ahhh fuck my life.

I walk back to my pink locker and spin the dial to my three numbers and my lock clicks open.

I throw my binder back into my locker and grab the blue one and spin my locker shut.

I walk to my science room when someone smacks my ass.

"Excuse me!"

I turn around real fast.

Oh damn this guy is hot.

I've never seen him before.....but damn!

He's wearing black pants, a white tank top, gold chains, and a leather jacket, with gold and white supras.

"Sorry babe your ass is just so fine"

I blushed but then I remembered what he did.

"Can you not touch it! K thanks!"

I walk away but then he smacks it again and runs away.

I turn around real fast and see him on the other side of the hall laughing.

Wow he's a dick but he is a hot dick lemme tell you that.

I walk to my science room and sit down at my seat.

Ava isn't in her seat again.

I wonder where she is.

It's fifteen minutes into class and Mr. Reid is blabbing about how fish don't have sex and some shit like that.

When someone walks in.

It's him......

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