��The story you are about to read is addicting. You won't be able to stop after you start. It's adventurous, full of action, drama, heartbreak, romance, love, heart, and most of all imagination and dreams. This story is about a girl who's world starts from nothing and became something. She was a dreamer, and always will be. This girl your about to read about dreams more then you and me speak daily, she loves to dream. But you can't live your life locked up in your room dreaming. She soon learns that. She learns you either choose to live in the dark or live your life young wild and free��


2. 🔻A little bit of Trouble🔺


"Hello sir, why are you so late to my class?"

"Aye man, ya know just fucking around in the halls and shit like that"

"Young man, if you would like to stay at this school you have to be on time to my class and watch your mouth."

"Sure bro, whatever makes you sleep at night, where should I sit?"

"Well I don't know where Ava is so you can sit in her seat"

Oh fuck Ava's seat is right next to mine.

Here he comes.

"Excuse me, what is your name young man?"

"Bieber....Justin Bieber"

"Ok Mr. Bieber we are learning about fish reproduction"

"Well ain't that wonderful" he says under his breath.

"Any comments Mr. Bieber?"

"Yeah actually, when are we ever gonna need to know how fish fuck each other to have little fish?"

Wow that was actually funny.

I laughed.

"Mr. Bieber one more bad thing out of you and your out of this classroom you got it?!"

"Whatever man"

That made me laugh even more.

"Aubrey! Would you like to tell the class what is so funny?"

Oh this is gonna be great.

"Well this Bieber kid is an ass hole"

Mr. Reid even laughed with the whole class except for Bieber.

I feel bad now.

There's ten minutes left in class now.

Someone nudges your hand.

Uhh it's bieber.

"What!" I whispered.

He hands me a note.

I open it and read it.

It says:
Dear Aubrey(I think that's your name)

Ok first I'm sorry I touched your ass, second well your a bitch for saying that in front of the class. Sorry not sorry. But umm yeah text me sometime. 647-554-7825
"The ass hole"

Wow what a douche.

I crumple it up and get up and throw it away.

On the way back from the trash Bieber smacks my ass again.

I turn around and smack his hand.

"Two words.....FUCK.....YOU!"

The whole class laughed.

"Aubrey! What did you just say to Mr. Bieber?"

"Well...I said ummm fuck you"

"Aubrey go to the principals office now!"

"Are you kidding me that's not....."

I was cut off by douche bag Bieber.

"No, Mr. Reid I deserved what she said to me."

"Now why do you deserve to have been told those horrible words?"

"Well I smacked her fantastic ass" he said while scratching the back of his head.

"Aubrey! Mr. Bieber! To the principals office! Now!"

Are you fucking kidding me?

Fuck this shit.

Fuck bieber.

Fuck Mr. Reid.

Fuck everyone!

I grab my stuff and storm out of the classroom slamming the door behind me, which hits Bieber.

He opens it quickly.

He's laughing histerically.

"Why the fuck do you think this is funny?!"

"Cuz you sexy when your mad and we are going to the principals office cuz I smacked your ass!"

It is kinda funny.

And oh he thinks I'm sexy.

"Well to me this isn't fucking funny ok"

"Wow your uptight, come on shawty relax"

Oh wait did he just tell me to relax!

Imma flip shit.

"Excuse me! I am not relaxing! Just because of you I can't go home today and Drea.......I mean hang out! You happy Bieber? You ruined my whole fucking day!"

Oh shit I almost blew my secret.

"We'll that sucks doesn't it. And learn my first name! It's not Bieber! It's Justin! J....U...S...T..I..N! Not Bieber! K?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever you say BIEBER!"

I walk ahead of him with sass.

I have no doubt he's staring at my ass.

Oh well.

I walk into the principals office and sit down in the chairs.

Of course Bieber has to sit right next to me.

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