The Healings of a Broken Heart

What would you do if you got your heart broken for the first time ever by a boy that you thought was truly the one for you? Cry for a while and let time heal it? Well, then answer this next question: What would you do if that guy was also going out with two of your best friends? Cry a little longer perhaps? Maybe end your friendship with those two friends of yours?

Well, that's exactly what Saphire Stonez did. She had her heart broken by a guy, named William Dunbar; to her William Dumbar. She found out that her two best friends ever - one named Yumi Ishiyama and the other her cousin, Aelita Schaeffer - who were both oblivious to the fact that there was more than one girl in William's life. Not only did Saphire cry, but she also took a drastic decision. Her decision changed her whole life for the worse.

Now, you must be wondering this: how can one boy, plus one little decision cause so much mayhem in one's life? Well, to find out you're just going have to keep on reading.


1. The Healings of a Broken Heart: Prologue

Saphire's POV:


It had only been a few days since Yumi, Aelita and I found out the truth about William and the two of them had already found someone new. Jeremie finally found the courage to speak to Aelita about his feelings and it was only right for Yumi and Ulrich to be together, since they've both been lusting over each other for what seemed like forever. But, me? I had no one.


I tried not to show my disappoint over that and seem like I was happy that they were all happy. What more could I possibly want other than my friends' happiness? I knew the others didn't believe that and would sometimes practically force me to accompany the during their dates or worse, their double dates. That didn't make things better though, it only caused me to feel like a third wheel in between them all.


When I simply couldn't take it anymore, I stopped going with them on their dates, sometimes feigning sickness and other times lying about school work. Seeing them all happy and in love, only caused me more grief and I already had enough to last me a full lifetime. After a while, I just stopped talking them to all at once. It was better this way, anyway - for all of us. Well, at least that's what I explained to them.


I had noticed that as the days passed, Sissi seemed to get only meaner. Her constant teasing and taunting seemed to always be aimed at me now and what was worse was that William had kept trying to get back together with me. He never once tried that with Yumi or Aelita, because, well, besides the fact that they had new lovers, I had been the easiest. Or at least that's what I've heard.


Aelita was the smart one in our group though she was also very naïve; why William didn't try to get back with her, I have no idea. Yumi was the stronger one and the hardest to break down. And I? I just had the beauty, but underneath that was a vulnerability filled with past damages to the heart that no one knew or could do anything about. So, in that way, those people were right when they said that.


I was so broken by William and I missed him so much at first, that I actually almost got close enough to letting him back into my life. But, that's a mistake that I wasn't ever going back into doing.


From the outside, to a lot of people, I looked tough and strong and brave, but on the inside I really was and still really am a very, very soft and fragile and a too broken of a person to ever move on and be happy again.

And plus, so much torture from both Sissi and William, and from my classmates and from my previous life, could really change a person. It could hurt them and kill them and break their heart into zillion little pieces making the task of putting it all back together seem impossible.


Any normal person, if they were to even try, would've taken them forever and that was only if they cared enough to actually keep going at it. But...but, it could took a certain person such a short amount of time to fix and prop me back up that it not only shocked me, but the rest of the Kadic K-12 students - the old and the new.


And I believe that the only way that it was done was because he was actually an angel in disguise. And his name is.....


A/N: OK, so I decided to write a new story. Obviously, I'm not gonna give away the name so quick, but you'll figure it out.....soon enough. ;)

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