The Healings of a Broken Heart

What would you do if you got your heart broken for the first time ever by a boy that you thought was truly the one for you? Cry for a while and let time heal it? Well, then answer this next question: What would you do if that guy was also going out with two of your best friends? Cry a little longer perhaps? Maybe end your friendship with those two friends of yours?

Well, that's exactly what Saphire Stonez did. She had her heart broken by a guy, named William Dunbar; to her William Dumbar. She found out that her two best friends ever - one named Yumi Ishiyama and the other her cousin, Aelita Schaeffer - who were both oblivious to the fact that there was more than one girl in William's life. Not only did Saphire cry, but she also took a drastic decision. Her decision changed her whole life for the worse.

Now, you must be wondering this: how can one boy, plus one little decision cause so much mayhem in one's life? Well, to find out you're just going have to keep on reading.


10. The Healings of a Broken Heart: 09

Saphire's POV:

When Aliyah first saw me, she was more than just a little surprised. She was shocked, confused, worried and upset all at the same time. It wasn't a good look on her and I tried to tell her that, but she didn't want to see reason to. Little by little, Aelita and I took turns explaining to her the whole story.

"But, that still doesn't explain why you're like this now, Saphire." Aliyah looked at me through the rear view mirror.

Since Aliyah's mom got an urgent call from her job she couldn't come along to pick Aelita and I up. Aliyah was now driving, but not very well, because every time Aelita or I brought up something interesting or surprising, she'd instantly look up from her driving and focus all her energy on us and what was just said.

I was getting wary of her driving skills and wanted to just keep quiet for the rest of the ride, but Aliyah had questions after questions for us, well, for me actually.

I stammered, trying to find a good enough answer for the most recent question Aliyah had shot at me.

'What really was the point of me doing this anymore?' I thought to myself. 'Why do I still bother with keeping up this whole act of hating guys and their guts, when really I've never felt so lonely and vulnerable like this before?'

All of a sudden then, Aliyah turned fully around in her seat and gave me her famous death glare that could get anything out of anybody. I gulped, my eyes wide and shrunk back in my seat. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide it from her for too long, so I was really glad when I heard Aelita shriek from next to me and point out that there was a large truck heading our way.

Aliyah scrunched her eyes and slowly retreated back to her normal position. She stomped on the gas and moved us out of the way just in time, but she didn't look at all flustered like both Aelita and I were. She hadn't even broken a sweat or looked tired out. Instead, Aliyah gave me one more look in the rear view mirror, pointing first her fingers at her eyes and then aiming them towards the mirror, telling me that she had my eyes on me.

I gulped again and turned my head away, looking out the window and towards the outside world, trying not to let what just happened get to me.

-♥- -♥- -♥-

When I got to the house, I was met with a surprise. I had just gotten inside the house and tried to rush to my room as best as I could, so I wouldn't have to get stuck with Aliyah again. I found my old guest room, the one I had slept in a few years back. It still looked pretty much the same, with the a whole new layer of dust added to it, of course.

"Sorry, I didn't have time to fix it up for you, Saph," I heard a sharp voice behind me say. "Your visit was a bit unexpected...much like your new appearance."

I inhaled and closed my eyes, then exhaled loudly and turned around to face her.

"Look, Aliyah, I know what I'm doing looks really wrong and disturbing to you, but you have to face the facts and trust me on this; I'm never changing back and you're just going to have to accept that." I had no idea where all of this was coming from, but as long as I managed to keep my voice steady and clear, I knew I'd have no problem convincing Aliyah to just leave me be with all of this.

"But, this isn't you!" Aliyah cried out.

"Don't you think I know that?!" I tried hard to keep my anger contained, but little bits of it kept spilling out. "God, Aliyah, if only you knew.... If only you knew the things I've been through with all of this. With my whole life." I whispered the last part, because that was part of a secret that no one knew about. Not even Sissi.

"Then why don't you just tell me about it." Aliyah's face softened as did her eyes and I could tell I was upsetting her.

I sighed deeply. "It's just too..." I trailed off trying to find the right word. Painful. Heart wrenching. Life shattering. "Complicated." I finally settled on.

Aliyah opened her mouth to say something else, when I heard a different voice come out instead.

"Whoa, what happened to you?!" we both turned around to see Aliyah's twin brother, Andrew, standing by the door.

I sniffed and cleared my throat softly.

"Hey, Andrew, no long time no see, huh?" I said.

"What up with all that-" he waved his finger in front of my face. "hair in your face? Is that suppose to be like some new trend in France or something?"

"Or something." Aliyah answered him in a bitter voice.

"No, but seriously, how come-" Andrew started up again.

"Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom," I rushed past the two. "You know with the long flight and all."

"Oh hey, before I forget, one of my friends is also going to be staying with us! It all kind of happened unexpected, so Aliyah didn't get a chance to tell you about it." I heard Andrew say as I walked down the hall.

'Unexpected. Unexpected. Unexpected.' that one word echoed through my mind. 'Ha! Isn't everything in life unexpected?'

I fell in love - unexpectedly. I was cheated on - unexpectedly. My heart was broken - unexpectedly. And my life was changed - unexpectedly. I bet something equally shocking could've happened right here, right now, and I wouldn't have found it at all unexpected. I just bet.

But, I was wrong, because what happened that next second, not only proved me wrong, but it took my breath away as well.

-♥- -♥- -♥-

As I went through the long halls, my legs moving quickly and my hands balled into two fists swinging around by my side, I had little clue of where I was going and when I was planning on stopping. Finally, I did stop, when I saw an familiar flash of hair. I came to a stop and found my eyes staring back into an all too familiar pair of chocolate brown ones.

Odd. I knew it was him before I even saw his whole face. What was he doing here? Was I imaging him or was he seriously standing there in front of me in the flesh? I almost wanted to reach out to touch him and find out, but I knew that'd be weird. But, I still had to make sure.

"Odd?!" I yelled out at the same time that he said, "Saphire?!"

"What are you doing here?!" we chorused together.

"Wait, you two know each other?" I heard Andrew's voice from behind me say.

"Yeah." Odd told him.


"We go to the same school." I answered this time in a small voice.

I still couldn't get it through my mind that Odd was actually here, ready to haunt me all over again. It was bad enough he followed me around back at Kadic trying to get the full inside scoop on my life, now he was here, invading my home life too?! What? This was just too much; too much to handle all together right now.

"But, what are you doing here?" Odd asked me.

I narrowed my eyes. I should be asking him that. This was my town, my area, what was he doing here?

"I came over for Winter Break to visit my cousins," I told him straight. I crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow he couldn't see at him. "What about you?"

"I came over for Winter Break to visit my friend." his answer was so similar to mine, I thought he was mocking me in the beginning.

My arms slipped out from under me as I just realized what that meant. Odd and I. I and Odd. Would together. For one whole week and a half!

"W-o-w." I could barely concentrate on anything right now, but I could clearly hear Andrew's latest comments.

I froze then, realizing everyone was watching us, waiting for what we were going to do next. I had become a home movie to everyone and it was all because Odd Della Robbia.

"So, are you two like friends or something?" I heard Aliyah's voice say next. I knew what she must've been thinking. She was going to use Odd to get to me, since I wasn't going to be offering up any free information, she was going to skip past me and try to pry it out of Odd - not that he'd really be squirming like me to tell her, or so I assumed.

"Well-" Odd had just begun to answer her, when all of a sudden I felt like if I wasn't the one to tell them about what Odd was to me, then I'd never get the chance to do it and nothing would ever be the same again.

I knew what Odd was going to say even before he said it. How? Maybe it was something magically, just like it was for me even before I saw his whole face to know it was him, or maybe it was because it was something I expected from him. From everyone. I bet if anyone else from Kadic were here, standing in the very spot where Odd was and faced with a similar predicament, he would've answered the same exact way that Odd was about to now - and just so he could get on their good side and get the information they needed about me and figure out just all there was about me. Inside and out, they would know the real me. And I just couldn't let that happen; not now, not ever.

"No!" I immediately shouted before Odd could finish his sentence.

"Whoo, harsh!" Andrew just couldn't give it up, could he? I looked towards him, a death glare of my own plastered on my face. But, Andrew just grinned and said, "Nice, try, sweetheart, but your looks can't kill me when you've got all that hair in your face." I knew it! I just did. I knew that now that Andrew had seen this whole new side to me, he was so not going to give up on it.

That's just the type of guy he was, but I just didn't get one thing: Why the hell was he being so mean to me all of a sudden? Sure, Andrew Calhoun could be a colossal jerk, but only to those who deserved it.

'Did he seriously think that just because I changed, I deserved to be treated like this? Was that it?' I wondered. 'Was Aliyah putting him up to this? Did she seriously think she could break me down with a few idiotic comments from Andrew?'

Well, she thought wrong. I snapped my head away and walked out of the room.

-♥- -♥- --

A little later, when I got hungry, I trotted down the stairs, making sure neither Persistent Aliyah nor that Annoying Andrew was in sight and headed towards the kitchen. There I found Odd engaged in a conversation with Aelita. I don't know what it was that made me want to seriously slaughter him then, but maybe it was because he seriously looked to be flirting with Aelita.

It wasn't that I was actually jealous or anything, but the two of us have already been hurt plenty by William, we didn't need someone just like him to come strutting over into our lives to just mess it all up and the just walk away scot-free again. Not again. Not ever again. I wasn't gonna let that happen. Not to me. Not to Yumi. And certainly not to Aelita.

I set Odd straight once again and then somehow we started talking about Sissi. I couldn't believe that Odd was seriously comfortable enough to talk to us about how he didn't really think of Sissi as a girlfriend. He had some nerve saying how she really wasn't the one for him. He should've been whining about the way she treated him, complaining about how she was such a bitch and crying about how difficult it was to handle her. He shouldn't have been so cool about his feelings for her, or the lack thereof.

That got me seriously pissed and I couldn't stand to hear anymore, so I just got up and walked off, not bothering to say anything to excuse myself or explain either. I headed towards a small balcony area that was a little off near the kitchen. The main reason I headed there was to get some fresh air and try to get my head cooled down. But, I didn't think that Odd would actually follow me there and try to talk to me.

One thing led to another, and soon I was trying to explain to him just why I hated his guts. I thought it was pretty obvious, since the answer was right in his face and plus, the answer was also given to him by Sissi. But, he was way too oblivious to realize it, of course and he seriously expected me to spell it out for him.

So, I was about to, when all of a sudden, a bright shade of hair caught me off guard. It looked so familiar and when I realized just what it was, I froze with fear. Odd seemed to have noticed and suddenly wanted to know. I couldn't tell him the reason for my sudden reaction, but I could name it.

That didn't really make Odd stop asking so many goddamn questions though. I really didn't want Anthony here right now, because I knew he was going to end up causing a scene and create even more drama for me. But, it wasn't like I could stop him either, because there he was heading this way, his footsteps from the outside echoing and rattling the inside of the house.

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