The Healings of a Broken Heart

What would you do if you got your heart broken for the first time ever by a boy that you thought was truly the one for you? Cry for a while and let time heal it? Well, then answer this next question: What would you do if that guy was also going out with two of your best friends? Cry a little longer perhaps? Maybe end your friendship with those two friends of yours?

Well, that's exactly what Saphire Stonez did. She had her heart broken by a guy, named William Dunbar; to her William Dumbar. She found out that her two best friends ever - one named Yumi Ishiyama and the other her cousin, Aelita Schaeffer - who were both oblivious to the fact that there was more than one girl in William's life. Not only did Saphire cry, but she also took a drastic decision. Her decision changed her whole life for the worse.

Now, you must be wondering this: how can one boy, plus one little decision cause so much mayhem in one's life? Well, to find out you're just going have to keep on reading.


7. The Healings of a Broken Heart: 06

Odd's POV:

A few days after that little episode, I was out taking a walk, finally free of Sissi, even if it was for a little while. It was still early in the morning and classes hadn't started yet, but breakfast was going on. I had a green apple in my hand and my bag wrapped around my shoulders. I was walking past the woods and that made me think of Saphire.

I stopped walking and turned to look at the tall trees and the darkness that surrounded them. Coincidentally then, I heard her voice, Saphire's, coming from inside the forest. Without realizing it, I started walking forwards into the darkness. I walked until I came to a small opening and there I saw Saphire, but she wasn't alone.

There was a taller, older guy standing in front of her, trying to put his hands on her. My first guess was that that was that Landon guy Saphire was trying to get away from a few weeks ago. But, she didn't look scared and wasn't crying, she actually looked angry or at least she sounded it from the way she was yelling at the guy.

"William, just stop it! You know I'm over you, so why the hell do you keep coming back here?!"

William. Where did that name sound so important when he could've been just anybody? I walked closer and hid behind an especially large tree that was close enough for me to hear the two of them, but big enough to shield my body from them.

"Oh come on, Saph, babe, don't be like that!" the guy pursued. "You know I've always loved you the best and I'll always continue to do, so let's just go back to the good old days and have some fun together."

Something in my chest burned and my gut twisted into knots; I could feel myself growing angry, but I didn't do anything except stand there and watch them. I noticed Saphire's body tense and then shudder. She seemed to be breathing heavily and involuntarily, my hands balled into fists, but I still didn't come forward and do anything. I was too mesmerized by what was going on in front of me.

It was like watching a movie; the tension was killing me and I badly wanted to do something to help, but this had nothing to do with me and I couldn't just step in out of nowhere, it would only make me look like the bad guy for eavesdropping on others' private affairs. And plus, if Saphire saw me, she'd be angrier than grateful.

I noticed the guy, William, reach his hand forward and place it on the side of Saphire's face and her body tensed again, but this time it looked more like she was frozen in place. The guy looked like he was ready to push back Saphire's hair and I swear, I was holding my breath. I too wanted to know what Saphire looked like, but I just couldn't believe that this would be the moment and that it was going to be happening this way.

But, I spoke too soon.

"Don't!" Saphire growled out and stepped back from his reach. "Don't you dare!" William looked baffled, but still determined. "You lost that right a long, long time ago, so don't even think about it!"

Saphire raised her right foot high and then slammed it down hard and right on William's foot. She spun around - almost seeing me, but I had pulled my head back at the right moment and gone unnoticed - and stormed away, leaving William hopping on one foot and groaning loudly in pain.

I felt my heart swell up at her bravery; now I knew for certain that Saphire was definitely unlike any other girl I had ever met. Any other girl in her shoes, would've probably broken down sooner and given him her all, but not Saphire. Saphire was different, in a good way, she was like a feminist. Yes, that was a good word to describe her - a feminist.

I watched as Saphire left and made sure she was gone and out of the forest, before turning back towards William. I figured on asking him a few questions and finding out just what was going on here, but when I looked back over to the spot where he and Saphire were standing only a few seconds ago, he was no longer there.

I walked around for a while, trying to find him but I was unsuccessful and I sure as hell couldn't ask Saphire about it. But, there was someone I could ask. Who knew that would end up being a mistake though?

-♥- -♥- -♥-

The person I decided to ask was, yes, Sissi; after all, she did say she knew everything about Kadic and from the way she and Saphire conversed, it seemed like the two of them knew each for a long, long time.

It wasn't until lunch that I came to regret my stupid decision and feel guilty for ever thinking of asking Sissi in the first place. I mean, I should've known that Sissi didn't even like Saphire, but still I went ahead and stuck with Sissi in the end. But, it was only because everyone expected me to do it, even Saphire and I certainly didn't wish to give her the benefit of the doubt and make her think that I was falling for her or anything - which, by the way, I certainly was.

It wasn't exactly in the beginning of the lunch period, but actually in the middle of it. Sissi was all finished with her food when she got up and stood on top of her chair. She cleared her throat loudly, causing the entire lunchroom including the lunch ladies to all stop what they were doing and pay attention to her; I guess that was one of the benefits of being the Principal's daughter.

"It has come to my attention that there are a lot of new students at our school this year and I just thought it would be nice if they were to get a little head's up on not only what Kadic is like, but what the students in Kadic are like as well," no one said a word - not that I really expected them to, but still - so, Sissi went on. "There are many interesting students here at this wonderful school, such as..." Sissi made an act of looking around the cafeteria, but I already knew the name she was going to call. "Saphire!"

All heads turned towards Saphire, who was sitting alone with her head down and busy picking her food. Sissi jumped off her chair and strutted over to her.

"As you all can see, Saphire looks like the type of girl that you all would most likely ignore. But, why don't we get to know her a bit?" Sissi narrowed her eyes evilly and crossed her arms across her chest. "You get so many questions when you look at her, but not a single answer, but I would be glad to fill you all in since I happen to be a generous person as well as part of the welcoming committee."

All the while that Sissi was saying all this, Saphire remained absolutely silent. She hadn't even moved an inch and I had no clue as to what she might have been feeling.

"Some of the questions you all might have," Sissi continued. "would probably be: Why doesn't she talk to anyone? Why does she dress the way she does? But, most importantly: why is her hair always in her face like that?"

Noises finally started in the lunchroom, people who had probably never even noticed Saphire before, were starting to look closely.

"Oh, yeah," they murmured. "Why does she do that? What's her problem?"

"Well, what can I say?" Sissi's voice broke through them all and they immediately silenced themselves. "I guess - to say this easily - Saphire doesn't exactly have the brightest past."

Some people stared at Saphire, expectantly, waiting for her to say something, to act and shut Sissi up. While others kept their eyes glued on to Sissi, making sure they didn't miss a word of what she said. I, on the other hand, felt like telling Sissi to just give it up, to stop, it was enough, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually get up and say it to her face. And, that's what caused this whole thing to go wrong.

"So, what happened?!" a voice in the crowd shouted out.

Sissi smirked and walked closer towards Saphire, so she was right up in front of her face now.

"What might have happened in her past that was so bad, you ask? Well, let's just say a certain someone broke her heart by going out with two of her best friends all at the same time," my mind immediately flashed towards the scene that had taken place earlier this morning in the woods. William. That was the name of the guy that was bothering her. William. Could he also be the same guy that broke her heart? Maybe. I'd have to find out. "Now she has no friends and trusts no one. Poor girl!"

Sissi and her friends laughed along with the usual groups of cheerleaders and jocks that were sitting at Sissi's table. I watched Saphire very carefully then, wanting to see how she reacted, but not wanting her to see me so interested in her. Anyone else in her place probably would've started either crying, gotten angry, and/or stormed out of the room, but not Saphire. No, she just sat there and stared at her food. I wondered what she must've been thinking of all of this.

"But, why am I tell you all this? Why did I all of a sudden take an interest in Saphire?" Oh no, I felt my heart beat starting to ricochet in my chest as I knew what was to come. Sissi turned towards me then and gave me a grin, I looked at her with desperate eyes. "Well, it's because, this morning my boyfriend asked me a very interesting question, which lead me to all this."

Past Sissi's head, I saw Saphire's snap up and turn towards me. I gulped and smiled back sheepishly. I felt her eyes glaring at me and looked away quickly, but I could still feel her stare boring holes into my head.

A long silence followed then and I was curious as to what was going to happen next. I knew that this wasn't over and though Sissi was standing in the corner with her friends looking perfectly content, there was still much more to come. And I was right, though I really wish I wasn't.

"Actually Sissi, I have to say I agree with you; this was a great idea! I mean, what better way to get to know new people than by publicly humiliating them?" Saphire finally spoke up. Sissi narrowed her eyes at her and watched her carefully, as did everyone else. Saphire stood up then and picked up her tray, she circled around Sissi and her little posse to get to the trashcan to throw away her food. "Another interesting person that you all should get to know is our very own leader of the "welcoming committee" - Sissi Delmas or should I say, Elisabeth?"

The entire cafeteria gasped and turned towards Sissi to find out if it was true. She didn't say anything, but everyone could tell that it was true from the way her face had turned crimson red.

"Oh, you little troll!" she screeched. "How do you know about that?"

"I know a lot more than you think, sweetheart," Saphire told her simply. She strode over to Sissi and stood in front of her in the same exact pose that Sissi was in. "And there's plenty I know about you that I wouldn't mind sharing with the rest of the Kadic student body. Should I tell them or would that be a little too embarrassing even for you?"

Sissi seriously looked like she was ready to tear off Saphire's head. She growled and balled her hands into fists, but she didn't move otherwise.

"You wouldn't dare!" she huffed out.

"Oh, wouldn't I?" Saphire challenged her back in an innocent voice.

Saphire began circling Sissi like a shark and I along with the rest of the students in the cafeteria could tell that Sissi was on the verge of losing or having a breakdown, or better yet, even both.

To everyone else, I could tell that Saphire seemed to be acting like an even bigger bitch than Sissi, but that was only because they didn't understand the whole story. I didn't know anything deep about the two of them either, but I knew enough to know that Saphire was the good one in all of this. To me, she seemed all cool, calm and collected, as if nothing Sissi said could ever affect her and I loved her for it.

"Hey, you better watch your mouth there," someone cut in between the two of them then. "Or else."

Saphire turned and eased off of Sissi to see who had dared interrupt her. It was one of Sissi's best friends, Giselle her name was, I think. She had long, red hair and dark green eyes and was even bigger bitch than Sissi could ever be. But, Saphire seemed almost delighted to have Giselle step in and try to save her precious Sissi.

"Or else what?" I swear I saw Saphire even grin a little from behind all her hair.

"I don't think you would like to know." Giselle stood in front of Saphire and stared straight at her. Her arms crossed tightly over chest revealed that even she was afraid of Saphire a little, but she was tougher than Sissi and didn't seem like one to admit defeat.

"Oh, but I think I do."

Giselle titled her head back and gave a short laugh. "I see you're mouth's gotten smarter; you better be careful with it, bitch!"

"We'll you've got that right...bitch!"

All eyes were on the three girls. I didn't know what to do.

'Was there even anything that I could do? Should I go get a teacher? Or should I just watch and see how this turns out exactly?' I wondered.

I finally decided to just stay back a little and if things got too out of hand, then I'd go get and get someone.

"Why don't you just give it up already?" Sissi spoke up and was right back in the fight as if she never got out of it in the first place. "You already know - everybody already knows - that we're all better than you and that you have nothing on us, so just stop!"

"Ugh," Saphire scoffed and shook her head. "Says who?"

"Uh, like everybody." Giselle told her.

"Right, sure." Saphire seemed unconvinced and I knew that was driving both Sissi and Giselle nuts.

Another thing that I liked about Saphire: she wasn't one to give up. She kept going at it, she wouldn't back down, she was stronger than she looked and though that was a great thing, I really wished she'd keep quiet already. I hated to admit it, but Giselle was right, Saphire did have a pretty smart mouth and she was seriously going to get hurt if she didn't close it now!

Giselle growled this time and inched closer towards Saphire.

"Forget it, G, what does she even know?" Sissi warned her though and tried to pull her back. It was almost as if Sissi knew just what Saphire was capable of and didn't want Giselle getting hurt.

"Nothin', that's what!" Giselle sneered back.

Saphire scoffed again and walked towards Giselle this time.

"Do you seriously believe that each and every one of these people in this room actually likes you, actually worships the very ground you walk on? Do you seriously believe that these people don't talk about you when you're not around or even know that some of them are actually planning your death as everyday goes by that you spend spewing lies about them and torturing them for their very existence?"

I could tell both Sissi and Giselle were shocked by that, even I was pretty surprised. The whole cafeteria was silent, some looked angry that their secret was out, while other scared, very, very scared.

I noticed Sissi's right eye twitching, she had her lips in a tight line and she looked really red. I figured she'd go back to her scared phase and Giselle would be the one to step forward again and get between the two, but I was wrong. Sissi put on a brave fast and stormed over to Saphire.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" she screamed in her face.

"I think I'm one of your little victims, Sis!" Saphire yelled back. "And I am sick and tired of it! I am done with you!"

"You're done when I say you are!" Sissi shoved Saphire back and surprisingly, she actually moved back. "You're my little bitch - always have and always will be! You're nothing without me! Your life is nothing without me in it! I made you what you are today! Me - not that douche bag of a boyfriend you fell for!" With every word, Sissi pushed Saphire backer and backer and amazingly, Saphire let her. Nothing Sissi was saying made sense to me, but from the little things I caught on, it seemed like Saphire and Sissi used to be friend, maybe even best friends. "You're nothing!"

Saphire was completely frozen then and it seemed like the whole world was too. It felt like the bell for this period to be over was never going to come and this little drama between the two of them was going to just go on and on.

"Yeah, go, Sis!" Giselle slapped her a five and gave her a wide grin. "Got nothin' to say now, huh?"

It was weird how Saphire just grinned then. She should've been upset, angry, something - but not happy! I mean, it was a bit insane for her to be completely happy with what was going on around her like this.

Sissi and Giselle turned to leave then, when I noticed Saphire stick out her foot causing Sissi to trip. Which then caused her to fall on top of a guy who was holding a tray and walking over to the trash to throw it away, now that the show was finally over. They both ended up on the ground while the tray spun around over them and all the contents got dumped on their heads. The whole lunchroom exploded into laughter at the two on the ground; I could tell even Giselle wanted to laugh, but was biting down on her lip to keep herself at bay.

"You-!" Sissi was immediately up and ready to attack.

"What? What did I do?" Saphire laughed at her. "Did anyone see me do anything? No way. Not even your precious little boyfriend."

Saphire turned her head towards me and grinned. I swear I saw her wink at me. I gulped in fear once again as Sissi snapped her head towards me, sending pieces of spaghetti to fly out from her hair.

"I don't need proof to ruin your life all over again!" Sissi growled.

Before Sissi could say anything more then, I stepped in between her and Saphire.

"Uh, Sissi, I think that might be enough." I tried to sooth her.

"Oh, shut up!" she pushed me away. "What the hell do you know anyway?"

Giselle laughed and I glared at her. She smirked then and I realized that this was the totally wrong moment for me to have done anything. If I was to have done something about all of this, it would've been best to just do it at the beginning before all of this even started.

"Here, why don't you go to your new fan boy?" Giselle grabbed Saphire then and pushed her. She stumbled over her own two feet and almost fell on top of me. I had my hands out to catch a hold of her, but before I could, Sissi grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"No way, he's mine!" she yelled out.

I watched in horror then as Saphire ended up hitting the back of her head on the edge of the table she was sitting at. She reached her hand back and placed it at the base of her skull. She pulled her hand back and looked at it, her eyes widened. It was when I saw blood running down her forehead and the side of her face that I realized the reason behind her shocked expression.

Saphire staggered up, swaying a little. "You're bleeding," I stated the obvious. "You need to go to the nurse."

"I don't care." she said simply through her teeth.

Saphire tore off her bag then, throwing it to the ground and ran towards Sissi. She grabbed her arm and turned her around, back slapping her in the process. They immediately started fighting and the crowd of students in the cafeteria exploded into cheers. This was exactly what they had all been waiting for - a showdown between the two toughest girls in the whole school.

I stared down at them, shocked and upset. I wanted to stop them, I wanted to keep Sissi from hurting Saphire even more, but I couldn't move; my feet seemed to be rooted to the floor. The doors to the cafeteria slammed open and someone burst through them. It was a big, tall guy. I've heard his name was Jim or something and that he was a pretty tough guy.

"What's goin' on in here!" he cried.

Everyone stopped cheering and turned to look at him. Saphire and Sissi were the only ones still into the whole fight, with Saphire sitting on top of Sissi and pulling at her hair, while Sissi tried to slap her along with Giselle trying to pull Saphire up off of Sissi.

Jim marched over to the three girls and after pushing Giselle out of the way, he managed to get Saphire off of Sissi. She kept trying to squirm out of his grip like a fish out of water, but in the end he just grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and since he was so strong and she was so light, he held her hovering over the floor.

"Alright, who started this!" Jim boomed.

Giselle, who was helping Sissi up off the ground, was the first to speak up.

"Saphire did, sir." she lied.

Sissi wiped blood off the corner of her mouth and the tears that were pouring down from her eyes before adding, "We-we were just enjoying some lunch, when she just came and attacked me, Jim. I had no idea what was going on until I was on the ground. I'm so glad you came in time or else who knew what would have happened. That girl is so strong, even my boyfriend couldn't save me from her."

Sissi turned towards me as did Jim.

"Is that true, Della Robbia?" he asked me. I tried not to flinch at how loud he had said my name. I didn't answer him, there was nothing I could anyway. I couldn't tell the truth or lie without getting in trouble, so I knew it was just better for me to keep quiet. "Don't make me repeat myself, Della Robbia!"

This time I did flinch and I answered him as well.

"Y-yes, sir," I gulped. "It's true."

Jim nodded. "That's all I needed to hear," he turned his head and acknowledged the young girl he held suspended above the air. "Now, Stonez, I'm gonna let you go, but you better not try anything or else, you hear?"

Saphire didn't say anything, but just growled loudly. Jim slowly lowered Saphire to the ground. She panted heavily and stared at Sissi and I with angry eyes that I could tell were flashing with rage behind her long, black hair.

"I'll get you for this, you little bitch!" she spat at Sissi. "And your precious little boyfriend too!"

"Stonez!" Jim boomed again. "Principal's office - now!"

"Yeah, yeah." she muttered as she walked past me.

Saphire grabbed her bag from the floor and draped it around her shoulders, before walking out of the lunchroom which was like so silent now, you probably could've heard it if a pin dropped.

-♥- -♥- -♥-

All through my classes and even after them, I was still thinking about Saphire. Man, she must've hated me like hell then and why wouldn't she? If I hadn't brought up that stupid incident that took place this morning, then none of this would've ever even happened. I don't even know if I can face Saphire tomorrow. I knew the best thing to do would be to apologize to her, whether she listens to me or not, I gotta at least try and make things between us right again - not that it ever was right between us in the first place, since she's hated me since the first day we met - but still, I gotta try anyway. And I was going to - even if I ended up getting killed in the process by both Saphire and Sissi.


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