The Healings of a Broken Heart

What would you do if you got your heart broken for the first time ever by a boy that you thought was truly the one for you? Cry for a while and let time heal it? Well, then answer this next question: What would you do if that guy was also going out with two of your best friends? Cry a little longer perhaps? Maybe end your friendship with those two friends of yours?

Well, that's exactly what Saphire Stonez did. She had her heart broken by a guy, named William Dunbar; to her William Dumbar. She found out that her two best friends ever - one named Yumi Ishiyama and the other her cousin, Aelita Schaeffer - who were both oblivious to the fact that there was more than one girl in William's life. Not only did Saphire cry, but she also took a drastic decision. Her decision changed her whole life for the worse.

Now, you must be wondering this: how can one boy, plus one little decision cause so much mayhem in one's life? Well, to find out you're just going have to keep on reading.


12. The Healings of a Broken Heart: 011

Saphire's POV:

I was ambivalent when I found out from Aliyah where we were going the next day. Turns out we were going to be visiting my uncle and aunt's house who also lived in Jersey and by 'we', Aliyah meant everyone including Odd and Anthony.

My aunt and uncle lived alone and only had one son, Stevie. They were my favorite relatives and sweet, kindhearted people, who were a bit old fashion but just as understanding. While their son was a bit of the hard-core type that had that mysterious aura to him and didn't really care about anything or anyone. Except for me, that is.

At first, I really didn't want to go see them, because I knew with one look from Stevie and I would be done for. Stevie's known for the longest time ever and I knew he wasn't like what I've done to myself. But, then I thought about how long it's been since I've last seen him and I figured if I just talked to him once, he'd understand and see my way. Plus, it was better than staying home all alone and that too with Lover Boy.

-♥- -♥- -♥-

Meeting auntie and uncle was probably the hardest thing yet, because they barely even recognized me and they seemed a bit wary of me as well. I knew it was hard for them to accept me this way, but I also knew that they weren't going to be pressuring me about it either.

Now, on to the even harder part: meeting Stevie.

After all the introductions were made - with Odd and auntie and uncle, who probably thought was even weirder than I, because of his name and haircut - we went upstairs to see Stevie and hang out.

I let Aliyah lead the way and hid solemnly behind her; it made me feel a little braver. But, when the time came to head on inside, I couldn't budge from the hallway.

'What if Stevie hates my new look?' I wondered, without meaning to think about that again. 'What if he's got a new girlfriend and he likes her better and would rather spend time with her than with me?'

I hadn't even got down to thinking about that, but now as I was actually standing there, all these new thoughts and ideas were suddenly hitting me and causing me to over think things.

Aliyah must've noticed the discomfort on my face, because then she spoke aloud.

"Hey, um, Stevie," Aliyah said to him.

"Yeah?" he answered dully.

"Saphire...she, um, has kind of changed since you last saw her, so just um, don't freak out when you see her. OK?"

"Yeah, whatever."

Aliyah nodded and walked into the room. Everyone waited for me to do the same, but I just couldn't get my feet to move.

"Oh, would you just get inside - I gotta pee!" Andrew's voice rung in my ears. "It's not like you're getting married and you have ease yourself down the aisle!"

"Shut up, Andrew!" Aliyah scolded him.

But, that was just what I needed to get my feet unstuck from the ground and to step forward. I wanted to see Stevie and I wanted him to see me, besides he needed to; we had a lot of unfinished business to take care of.

I walked into the room to find Stevie sprawled across his bed watching TV. He didn't even bother with looking at any of us as we entered his room, let alone me. Aliyah shrugged and walked over to his bed and took a seat. I followed and the only movement he made was moving his legs when I sat down next to her. I couldn't tell whether that was supposed to be a nice gesture or because he didn't want me touching him.

"Hey, can we play some video games, Stevie?" Andrew asked.

"Whatever." Stevie muttered.

"I thought you had to go to the bathroom." Aliyah taunted him.

"Eh, I can hold it." he simply shrugged.

Aliyah turned towards me and gave me an apologizing smile, but I just sighed and looked away. I stared at the carpeted floor in front of me and tried to tune out everybody and everything from the loud shooting sounds coming from the guys' video game to Aliyah's soft breathing coming from next to me. And it worked well, because soon enough I could no longer hear anything; I was in my own little world.

-♥- -♥- -♥-

I had no idea how much time had passed by until I felt Aliyah shaking my shoulders and snapping her fingers in my face.

"Saphire!" her voice sounded so far away.

I blinked and snapped back to reality.

"H-huh?" I rubbed my eyes; everything felt blurry and glazed.

"I said it's dinner time; everyone's already gone downstairs."


I looked around; Dead Rising 2, the guys' game, was now on pause and the only people left in the room were Aliyah, Stevie, - who was still just lying there, staring at who knows what on the ceiling - and I.

"You can go, I'll be down in a minute." I told Aliyah who was still looked concerned for me.

"Alright," she finally loosened up and gave me a smile. "Take your time."

I waited until Aliyah left and closed the door behind her to crawl up over to Stevie and get on top of him. His eyes were still glued to the ceiling, so I grabbed his face and pulled it down to face me.

"Alright Stevie, what is up with you?!" I demanded to know.

"Nothing." he mumbled.

His face was blank as if my sudden grabbing off his face and shoving my hair covered one in his face was nothing to be afraid of. If I were to do that with anyone else, they might have peed their pants, but Stevie's face was so composed, he seemed to be looking right past me.

"Then why are you like this all of a sudden? Why do you sound so depressed?"

Stevie didn't say anything and just shrugged one shoulder, which made me want to rip off his head; he was making me that pissed.

I huffed. "You sure have changed a lot from last time, Stevie."

I started to move away from him when Stevie spoke up finally.

"I'm not the only one." his voice was so low, it was almost inaudible.

I turned my head back towards Stevie and noticed how this time his eyes were staring right me.

"Oh, I'm still the same Saphire as before." I assured him.

And to prove it, I snatched back the hood of my jacket and pushed my hair back to reveal my face. Then I leaned in and planted a long, fiery kiss on his lips.

My relationship with Stevie was a lot different from every other past relationship I've had - whether it was with a guy or just a friend. Stevie and I were cousins, but we were both so attracted to each other, it was impossible to stay away. Neither of us cared what our parents though, but it wasn't something that we've necessarily told them about either. We were both deeply in love with each other and that's all that really mattered, but it broke my heart that he was so far away from me.

The only reason I said yes to going out with William was because of the talk Stevie and I had the last time we were together. We knew it was impossible for us to be together, so he thought it would be better if we just saw other people. That obviously turned out to be the biggest mistake I could've ever made.

But, I was glad I got to see him again this year, I know it's been a while. Which was why I took my time pulling away from Stevie now. When I did though, I noticed a smile dancing on his lips and I knew there was a similar one on mine.

I opened my mouth to tell him how much I've missed him when I heard something coming from behind me.

"Hey, Saphire." It was a voice that belong to none other than Odd.

I froze, my smile completely gone. I rushed to get my hair back into its position on my face and then slowly turned around to see him, still standing in the hall but with the door open a bit.

"Haven't you ever learned how to knock?" I snapped at him.

"Sorry." he mumbled.

Odd stepped back and then knocked softly on the door.

"What?!" I could feel my face burning and really hoped he hadn't heard or seen too much.

"Everyone's waiting for you downstairs, so Aliyah sent me to come get you." he said in a rush.

"Alright, go, I'm coming!"

"Ok," he left the room muttering. "Jeez."

I looked back towards Stevie, he still had a smile on his face. He raised his hand up then and brushed away the hair from my face. I found my lips turning up into a smile and leaned forward, hugging him tightly.

"I love you, Stevie." I said against his chest.

"I love you too, my sweet little Saphire." he cooed.

Stevie began stroking my hair and I sighed pleasantly. The last thing I wanted to do was go downstairs and have dinner with his parents who I knew were going to be giving me this look. But, I knew we better get down there fast, or one of them might decide to come up instead and if they were to see us like this, all tangled up in each others' arms, all hell would rise.

I didn't want to go so soon, so I snuggled my face into the nook of Stevie's neck and wrapped my arms around him even tighter.

"Saph-Saphire, wait," Stevie tried to push me away immediately. "We talked about this; we're cousins and this is wrong!"

"But, you know we're not actually related!" I reminded him.

"Yeah, but my parents don't and you know how Amish they are; they'll kill me - literally!"

Stevie pushed himself up into a sitting position, taking me up with him. I groaned and then reluctantly slid off of him.

"Fine," I muttered. "Be that way."

I walked hesitantly out of the room and down the stairs. My head was in a jumble as I went into the kitchen to wash my hands. It turns out we were having pizza for dinner, instead of any finger food which was usually the kind of food that was served at auntie and uncle's house.

By the time I got to the table, I noticed that Stevie was already seated there and was busy staring down at his pizza as if it weren't the most fascinating thing there was. He sat a seat away from Odd and between the two of them was the only seat left.

I took a seat and stared down at my plate.

'How was I gonna eat?' I wondered. 'Wow, this was gonna be a lot harder than I would have thought.'

I figured auntie must have noticed my discomfort, because she spoke up then and put me out of my misery.

"Would you rather like to eat in the living room, Saphire, dear?" she asked me.

I could feel everyone staring at me then and my hand shook a little, which it always did when I was feeling nervous.

"Yes, please." I managed to mutter back.

I pushed my chair back and slipped away from the table and over to the couch in front of the TV. I ate and watched a movie I've already seen many times, but I knew it was better than sitting at that too surrounded dinner table and being forced to eat with all that hair in my face. Since the couch faced the TV, I was free to push my hair back, but I was so afraid that somebody was going to come and see me, that I had too fast and got a stomach ache.

'It was worth though, Saph,' I reminded myself. 'So, you'll be fine.'

-♥- -♥- -♥-

Later that evening, Aliyah decided that it would be nice for us to stay the night. When I looked her way after she mentioned the idea, she gave me a covert wink. I felt like she knew something, some thing between Stevie and I. But, then why hadn't she said anything to me about it? If anyone else had known about it, they would've been outraged and disgusted, but Aliyah was acting as if it were such an amazing and wonderful I had done by falling in love with my "cousin".

I was pretty sure Aliyah didn't know about Stevie and I and figured she just assumed I was missing my best friend ever and wanted to spend some more time with him. Stevie and I were childhood best friends; everyone knew we liked being with each other the most.

There was a small gap from when I was seven when I hadn't seen Stevie for about six years, so when I was thirteen and we met once again, it was slightly awkward for me to adjust being around him. Even back then, he was like this; all moody and quiet and like he'd rather be anywhere but here.

If only I knew that even back then I was madly in love with Stevie. If I did, then maybe our relationship would've lasted more than six and a half months.

-♥- -♥- -♥-

That night, as I lied awake on my bed, I thought back to the last time Stevie and I were together. I remembered how he had broken my heart by saying that he could no longer be with me and that things between us were wrong. I refused to believe that and it only made him more upset and want to push me away farther.

'How could he possibly have said that?' I wondered that on and on for countless days, wondering if it was something else, something that I said, or did, or didn't say or didn't do.

It drove me absolutely insane, but I never forgot about him. Not once.

That night, I made a promise to myself: Stevie was going to take me back, one way or another, I was going to make him love me again. And this time, I wouldn't give him the chance of breaking my heart again; no matter what it took!



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