The one nobody wanted


1. The one nobody wanted

The one the kids just stare at as he walks past in the corridors,
 nobody wanting to be seen with him.
The saddo,
the loner,
the one who nobody wants to sit next to on the bus.
The one with the low grades,
The one whose teachers ask what’s wrong.
The one who can’t answer, who simply can’t concentrate.
The one with clothes that are caked in mud, torn, no buttons.
The trouble maker, who just can’t control himself.
The one who lives in the foster home,
The one whose parents didn’t want him.

The one nobody wanted.

So when you go home, argue and shout
as you put on new ‘top brand’ clothes
As you sulk, as you switch on the flat screen TV
as you eat hot meals
As you get in a warm bed
Think of the one on his own,
the one shivering at night.

The one nobody wanted.


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