All in My Head

Sam is a 15 year old girl who is in love with one direction. She has posters all over her room. but what happens one day when she thinks she sees liam coming out of her poster. Will she tell someone or will she find out its all in her head.


1. Meet Sam and Nicole

Hi my name is Sam. I am a 15 year old girl and I am currently in high school. I'm an A student and always get good grade on every test i take. My bestfreind is Nicole. Shes 16 and always needs my help studying. she isn't in love with one direction she mostly just listens to me talk about them all them all the time. Which i dont mind because everyone at my school really doesn't even like them and wont let me talk about them. Me and Nicole are like sister. We do a lot of things together but not everything. I have tried to get her to like One Direction before but she said she loves Little Mix and only Little Mix. Anyway my favorite member from 1D has to be Liam Payne. I have the most posters of him in my room and dream about him every night. 



 does anyone think they can help me? i am new at writing and im pretty sure this is sucking so far. :/ sorry. please let me know. Thanks

   Erica  xx

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