All in My Head

Sam is a 15 year old girl who is in love with one direction. She has posters all over her room. but what happens one day when she thinks she sees liam coming out of her poster. Will she tell someone or will she find out its all in her head.


2. Last day of school

"Honey get up!!" said my mom. When she said that i knew it was the last day of school and couldn't wait to get there and get it over with. I got up. I took a real quick shower then brushed my teeth and hair. After that, I went to my closet and looked through and found the perfect outfit. Mint green shorts with a white tank top. I grabbed my bag and purse and headed for the stairs. When i got down there my mom had breakfast made. Eggs and toast. i hurried up and ate and headed for the door so i can meet Nicole. We always walk to school together since its right down the rode. Once i got outside Nicole was standing there. "last day of school!!" she screeched. "i know, finally no more teachers for 2 months"  i said. ( i don't know about your school but my school we have summer break for 2 months) We got to school and headed for our first class, math. My least favorite subject. But the good thing is school gets out 3 hours early than usual(i don't know about yours mine does) Half way through the day is pretty much the end of the school day. The bell rang and i rushed out of the door heading the the front doors. I wanted to get home to i could start my summer vacation as soon as possible. i texted Nicole and told her to meet me and my place around 6:00 so we can have our end of the year sleepover that we have ever year. Usually though it ends bad. Meaning her and I not talking for a week. We say every year that it will be fine but hopefully this time it really is. 

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