The Caliente Affairs, Volume One

Meet Dina and Nina Caliente, twenty-something identical twin sisters who have moved back to their little hometown of Pleasantview. Not everyone in town is happy to see the twins back, and it's not long before the two are causing trouble and uprooting everybody's pleasant life.


11. Confessions Of The Heart

If he were honest, Dirk was glad he didn’t have to go that college party with Orlando. He was tired. And, as he collapsed on top of his bed, he found himself quickly falling to sleep. But before he could rest, nature was calling. Half asleep, it wasn’t until he was in the bathroom that Dirk realised he wasn’t alone. Stepping out of the shower, a naked body shocked Dirk from his drowsy state. He was wide awake now, and could see everything. Dirk knew he should feel ashamed, but he just couldn’t look away. Smooth, tanned skin, glisteningly wet from the shower - looking even more astounding than he remembered it. As Cassandra stood naked in front of Dirk, he realised she wasn’t paying attention to him. It was as if he wasn’t even in the room. But suddenly, she walked towards him, and Dirk could feel himself growing closer to her. She opened her mouth, and Dirk opened his. But to his surprise, all she did was stand there making a noise... a ringing noise. Dirk sleepily awoke and realised it had only been another one of his hormonal dreams. As he reached over to turn off the alarm, he got the shock of his life and saw Cassandra standing at his door. “I was just about to switch it off, you must have set it last night without thinking.” Cassandra entered his room and Dirk pulled at his blankets, so as not to highlight any revealing... bulges. As Cassandra reached towards him, Dirk panicked that she would be able to tell what he had been dreaming about, but she simply switched off the alarm clock that was on his bedside table. “Its Sunday, you don’t have to get up yet, go back to sleep if you want.” She smiled and turned around to leave. Well, Dirk thought, he wouldn’t say no to just a few more minutes! But, as he lay in bed, he wondered if it was sick to dream that way about his future step-mother. Quickly falling back to sleep, he realised that if he had learnt anything from these past event, it was that dreams were only pretend, he didn’t really desire Cassandra that way... did he?


Angela Pleasant slowly blinked her eyes and yawned, surveying the room around her. She remembered what had happened the night before: Dustin Broke, her boyfriend, came over to complete an assignment from school they’d been given. She half-heartedly laughed and realised there was no way he would finish it by tomorrow, especially after she and Dustin had spent most of the night talking about why Swiss-cheese had holes in it! Some time around eleven, her father had come upstairs to tell Dustin it was time to go. Dustin mentioned to Angela that he was dreading returning home, as the place resembled a building site. He was having to share a bedroom with both of his siblings whilst major work went on to extend the house. After a few minutes, Angela checked to see if her parents were asleep, and invited Dustin to stay over. As Dustin blinked his eyes, Angela smiled and greeted him with a good morning. “Huh? What time is it?” He asked.
“It’s seven-fifty AM.”
“What? Oh man, I gotta be at work for nine.” Dustin panicked, before stopping to calmly take in where it was he had woken up.
“Did I stay the night?”
“Yep, all night long.” Angela said, cautiously smiling.
“But we didn’t... did we?” Dustin asked, events of the proceeding night unclear in his head.
“No.” Angela said, as her smile was replaced by a look of worry. “I mean, I asked if you wanted to, and you said we should wait.”
“That’s good right, isn’t that what you want?” Dustin asked.
“I want what you want, I don’t want to be the ringleader in this relationship. Decisions like that should be made by the both of us.”
“I don’t understand what the problem is?” Dustin said, confused at why Angela had become defensive.
“Did I do something wrong? Are things... I mean, I thought you would have wanted to sleep with me.”
“I do, of course I do. I want it the most, but I don’t want it to be done on some whim of a moment. I mean, I only stayed over so I could finally get a peacefully nights sleep without hearing Beau snore and Calvin talk in his sleep.” Dustin said, referring to his brothers.
“That’s the only reason?” Angela asked.
“Of course it’s not the only reason, but maybe we could talk some more about those reasons when I’m not having to go to work in an hour.” Dustin got up and went to leave.
“Wait! I have to check to see if no-one...” Dustin walked out into the hallway of the Pleasant’s house – and right in front of Lilith’s path. “ up!”
“Hey, Dustin! You’re here pretty early, don’t you have to be at work in like an hour?” Lilith asked, unaware her sister’s boyfriend had stayed the night.
“Dustin, do you want to just wait in here whilst I talk to my sister.” Angela said, ordering Dustin back into her room.
“Hey, why aren’t you dressed?” Lilith asked.
“Because I just woke up.”
“Didn’t you know Dustin was coming over?” She asked.
“I knew... At least, I knew last night.” Angela confessed, as Lilith’s mouth began to form a wide ‘O’ shape.
“You mean he stayed the night? With you? In there? Omigod! Do Mum and Dad know?” Lilith asked.
“Oh sure! I said Dustin could sleep on the couch, but Daddy suggested he should stay with me.” Angela sarcastically replied.
Lilith looked at her twin with a smile, but she was not amused. As the full scale of what she saw finally became clear in her head, she hesitated before asking her sister another question. “Wait. You and he didn’t…”
“No, of course not! But there’s no way they’re going to believe me, and even if they do, they’re still going to be fuming with anger.” Angela removed her annoyed look, as she prepared to ask her sister to do something nice for her. “That’s why I need you to distract them both whilst I sneak Dustin out.”
“You want to sneak a boy outta the house? There are so many things wrong with this picture!” Lilith joked.
“It’s not funny! I offered Dustin a place to stay because he was sick of sharing a room.” Angela said.
“Oh sure, that’s the only reason!” Lilith smiled and rolled her eyes.
“Nothing happened!”
“Then answer me this, sweet sis; if he was sick of sharing a room, then why did he sleep with you?” Lilith pondered.
“We just fell to sleep!” Angela said, becoming more annoyed now than before.
“Okay! I know you wouldn’t do anything anyway.”
“Yes I would!” Angela defended herself.
“Wait, do you want me to think you two didn’t have sex, or what?” Lilith asked, becoming confused.
“We didn’t, I just meant that, I could do it. And who’s to say that we haven’t already?” Angela suggested.
“Have you?” Lilith asked. Angela turned around to see if Dustin had closed her bedroom door.
“I asked him, but he said we should wait.” Angela was still unsure about this, but Lilith was suddenly overcome with a look of admiration.
“He is such a gentleman. Everything you could want in a boyfriend.”
“I know. It’s annoying.” Angela remarked.
“What?!” Lilith asked, as she looked at her sister in a whole new light.
“I mean, if he wasn’t so nice, then I wouldn’t feel so bad about...” Angela trailed off, but Lilith knew what she meant.
“He still doesn’t know, does he? And that’s why you wanted to... ah yes, it’s all becoming clear now. You’re really screwed up!” Lilith joked.
“Yes! So will you help me?” Angela pleaded. Lilith rolled her eyes and succumbed to her sister’s request.
“Alright! I’ll take off my clothes and run naked around the backyard, that ought to distract them, don’t you think!” Lilith joked.
“Yeah! So where are they?” Angela asked.
“Mum’s right at the bottom of the stairs. You, go get Dustin and wait here until I get her to leave.” Lilith said, as the twins began to formulate a plan.
“I’ll just tell her that dad forgot to move the trash can from in front of the house, you know how much she hates that and won’t do another thing until it’s hidden in the backyard.”
“But what about Dad?”
“Alright, well he’s probably reading the paper in the living room, so I need to distract him from the front door.”
“Is this the part where you get naked?” Dustin asked, who had joined in on the plan.
“Hey! You can count this as that favour I owe you.” Lilith winked at Dustin, as Angela looked on confused.
“What favour?”
“Wait, she’s on the move. Now’s your chance, Lilith.” Lilith made her way downstairs.
“Why does she owe you a favour?” Angela asked, before Dustin shushed his girlfriend.
“Good morning, Lilith. How are you today?” Daniel asked.
“Not so good, I think I’m getting a pimple. Can you see it?” Lilith said, as she pushed her face directly in front of her father’s.
“No! I can’t see anything, move back a little.” He asked.
“Back where?” Lilith said, further distracting her dad.
“Just, step back.”
“Oh okay, I’ll step back.” Lilith continued to block her father’s view of the front door so Angela could sneak Dustin out.
“I meant now, Lilith.” Daniel said, as he forcibly moved his daughter.
“Oh sorry, dad.” Angela softly kissed her boyfriend goodbye and sneaked back upstairs. She had been feeling guilty about lying to Dustin, but now it seemed he was keeping secrets from her too. Why did he owe her sister a favour? Have the two been meeting each other privately, she asked herself. They already worked together, and now they were meeting outside of work too. Angela had already voiced her worries to Dustin about her sister becoming attracted to him, she just hoped she wasn’t right.


Her good deed for the day now out of the way, Lilith was ready for some serious chilling. She was going to head down to the Swimming Pool and just hang out on her own. But on her way out, she bumped into a familiar face. “Oh! What are you doing here?” She asked.
Alexander Goth stood awkwardly, as he greeted Lilith. “I’m sorry about turning up like this but I didn’t have your number, so I couldn’t call.” Lilith had known Alex for a while. He had started hanging out with her, Dirk, and some of her goth-friends - back when he had tried to dress more like them. She always wondered why Alex suddenly appeared to want to be a part of her crowd, but before she ever got to have a proper conversation with him, he stopped hanging out with her and started following Meadow around. Since then, she had to admit her opinion of Alex had significantly dropped. But then, she broke up with Dirk, and it seemed as if her own friends no longer wanted to know Lilith.
“It’s alright, was there something you wanted to ask me?”
“I was wondering if we could talk privately. I’ve got some stuff to tell you that... I think you should find out from me, before anyone else beats me to it.” Alex sighed. Lilith looked at his young face and brought him up to her bedroom - worried about what was troubling him. He was a younger teenager than Lilith, but a child-savant who had skipped ahead many grades in school. Now, she and Alex shared a few classes together. “I like your room, and your hair.” Alex complimented Lilith.
“Thanks. I dyed it for Halloween, but decided to keep it like this - the pink stripe is just make-up.”
“They do make-up for hair?!” Said Alex, surprised at this new information.
“They do make-up for just about everything now.”
“Wow, I have so much to learn.” Alex trailed off.
“What?” Lilith asked, still confused as to why Alex was here in her bedroom.
“Nothing! I won’t put it off any longer, I came over here to tell you something about Dirk.” Alex told Lilith. “More specifically, something about me and Dirk. And it effects me and you - that is, if there even is still a me and you. I really hope there can be, I liked hanging out with you, and that’s why I didn’t want anyone else to tell you about this thing between me and Dirk because they don’t know what really happened and even I really can’t remember it all too well but...” Lilith put up a hand to stop Alex.
“Okay, you’re going to need to slow down a bit. You’ve been hanging out with Meadow too long.” Lilith joked, but Alex’s face drooped.
“Not anymore, we broke up.” He revealed.
“What! But she was crazy about you - at least, that’s the impression I got.”
“She did like me, but I went and broke her heart.” Alex explained.
“Oh, don’t tell me you cheated on her.” Lilith asked Alex, but he just looked away in response. “God, you men are all the same. Why can’t you keep your lips to yourselves?”
“I didn’t kiss anyone... well, I tried to.”
“Why would you do that, isn’t one girl enough?” Lilith asked, annoyed at Alex for doing what Dirk had done to her.
“She was, but I thought... I thought I wanted a boy.” Alex finally told the truth, as Lilith’s eyes widened.
“A boy... You mean, you’re...” Lilith trailed off, as she dealt with Alex’s news.
“It gets worse. They guy I tried to kiss... it was Dirk.” Lilith’s face remained in a look of shock, as she contemplated what this meant. “I didn’t mean to, but I thought he felt the same and I just ruined everything and I didn’t even think that I could be hurting you by kissing your ex-boyfriend but then Meadow found out and she made me come to terms with my sexuality but then she broke up with me and I was left feeling empty and then it hit me that if Meadow knew she might tell you and you might do to me what you did to that one girl who you found out was kissing Dirk and...” Alex stopped for some desperately needed oxygen. Lilith was right; hanging around Meadow too long had caused her personality to rub off on him, and he realised he’d just been rambling again.
“That’s a lot of information to deal with.” Lilith simply said.
“I just... wanted to apologise, and tell you that Dirk didn’t kiss me, and I didn’t kiss him. Whatever I felt, it’s gone now, so you don’t have to worry about... just, you don’t have to worry.” Alex cut his sentence short this time.
“Okay. Let me try to think about this.” Lilith started. “You’re gay. That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that, it’s none of my business. But I guess, when you tried to kiss Dirk, it became my business. But, whatever you heard about that incident involving me and Dirk’s other grilfriend - forget it. It’s just a load of bull created by the gossips at school. I’ve never hit anyone in my life, and even if I did, the only person I’d be hitting would be Dirk!” Lilith smiled. “I’m glad you came to me and told me. It shows you’re a good friend... one I didn’t know I had.” Alex breathed a sigh of relief.
“So, you don’t want to hit me?” Alex asked.
“Well... seeing as you didn’t actually go through with kissing Dirk, I’ll let it slide - this time.” Lilith joked.
“Why are you being so nice to me?” Alex couldn’t stop himself from asking. After what had happened with Meadow, he had just come to expect rejection was standard from now on.
“I know I give off this tough-chick exterior, but deep down - and don’t let anyone find out I told you this. But, I know what it’s like to feel like an outcast. Growing up as part of a set wasn’t easy, and I acted out – a lot. I never felt like I had my own identity. I have to admit, I admire you. You’re younger than me, and yet seem to have everything figured out.” Lilith opened up, hoping to show Alex she was honoured he had shared something personal with her. “You just need someone by your side to remind you that you don’t give yourself enough credit. Just be you!”
For once, Alex was speechless. “You don’t know how much this means to me. I mean, I just had this picture of coming into school and everyone would be talking about me behind my back. Meadow kind of has a big mouth, and an even bigger influence... not to sound shallow, but it’s basically the reason I started hanging out with her.”
“Yeah well, if I hear she has even so much as suggested to someone that you’re gay, then she’ll have me to deal with.” Lilith offered.
“But... I am gay.” Alex corrected.
“Oh, right. So, you’re okay with people knowing?” Lilith asked.
“No! God, please don’t tell anyone. I’m just not ready to deal with it out in the open yet - I’m still trying to get my own head around it. I couldn’t bare having to deal with everybody else asking me questions.”
“Your secret’s safe with me.” Lilith promised. She was interrupted by her mother calling her downstairs for dinner. Not wanting to cut off their conversation so early, Lilith persuaded Alex to stay. “I’ll be right back, you can amuse yourself with the TV or whatever.” Lilith started to leave but stopped, as a look of pleasure crept across her face.
“What’s wrong?” Alex asked.
“Oh nothing, I’m just trying to picture Dirk’s face when you went to kiss him. I bet he was mortified!” Lilith smiled.
“Hey!” Alex cried.
“Oh, not because it was you - he was an idiot to turn you down! But, boy, would I have paid good money to see him be on the receiving end of the guy’s advances, for once.” Lilith slyly smiled, but Alex sighed.
“I think the only person mortified was me.” Lilith put a hand on Alex’s shoulder.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, what you did takes a lot of guts. In my eyes, you’re twice the man Dirk is.” Alex smiled at his new friend. It was a strange kind of friendship, but Lilith felt it was one that would last. Lilith hurriedly ate her food and excused herself from the table - wanting to get back to her room and hang out with Alex. Angela saw this as the perfect opportunity to get her mother and father alone and tell them what she had been planning for the past few weeks.
“Mother?” Angela politely asked.
“Yes, dear.” Mary-Sue replied.
“I need to tell you and father something, but I don’t know how you’re going to react.” With this sudden revelation, Mary and Daniel went quiet and looked at their daughter with eager eyes.
“You know you can tell us anything.” Daniel reassured his daughter.
“Alright.” Angela took a deep breath and casually said, “I don’t want to go to University.” Looks of shock now replaced the looks of eagerness on Mary and Daniel’s faces, as they tried to fathom why their straight-A daughter wanted to turn down the opportunity of further education.
“Why on earth not?” Mary-Sue asked.
“It’s because of him, isn’t it, you don’t want to be away from that boy.” Daniel was quick to judge.
“No, daddy, Dustin plans on going to college.” Angela replied, as she sighed and thought about how he was going to take the news.
“Then I don’t understand, just what on earth do you plan to do?” Mary-Sue queried.
“I want to take a year out of eduction to travel – on my own.”
“Travel!?” Mary-Sue exclaimed.
“Certainly not.” Daniel immediately responded.
“Daddy, you don’t understand what kind of an experience it is to see the world with your own two eyes. I’m sick of reading about the world in books, I want to see it for myself. I’ve talked with my guidance councillor, and my geography teacher, and they’ve told me about all kinds of wonderful places that are already just on the edge of Pleasantview. I can’t help thinking what wonders lie even further away.”
“You’re telling me a teacher has been encouraging you to flutter away your education for a sight-seeing trip?” Daniel demanded.
“Of course they wanted me to go to college too, but I explained how I feel like I’ve learnt everything there is to learn. I’ve been getting straight-A’s since practically kindergarten. I know everything about the real world - except how to live in it.” Daniel huffed and puffed, as he just ate his spaghetti, but Mary-Sue had a look of understanding in her eyes.
“She does have a point, Daniel.” Mary-Sue piped up, causing Daniel to drop his fork. “Learning can only teach you so much before you crave to get out into the world and try it for yourself.”
“No! I will not allow my daughter to waste the best years of her education, just so she can go travelling and collecting out-of-town trinkets. And that’s not to even mention the dangers of travelling alone - you’re still a teenager.”
“But I’ll be a young adult, next year.” Angela debated.
“That’s still too young, even if mentally you’re a year ahead of everyone else your age.” Daniel replied.
“But you’re only thinking about the negatives. I’m not dumb, I’m not going to accept rides from a strangers. I’ve got my destinations planned, and I’ve been e-mailing an online friend who says I can stay with them in a place called Strangetown. Everything is rock solid, and you’re ruining my dreams.” Angela began to sob.
“Don’t turn on the waterworks, Angela, I’m not going to change my mind. If you really don’t want to go to University, then maybe when you’re an adult and have been earning a steady income, you can come to me and ask again.” Daniel finalised. Angela left the table without excusing herself and stormed upstairs to her bedroom. “Well, clearly, she’s just as mature as she makes out.” Daniel sarcastically remarked, as Mary-Sue scowled at her husbands stubbornness.
“I hope you’re proud of yourself.”
“You cannot tell me that you actually want her to leave Pleasantview on her own and go travelling around foreign cities?” Daniel asked, astonished.
“Why not? I think it will be a fantastic experience, and I know we’ve raised our daughter well enough that I can trust her to be sensible.”
“I bet you wouldn’t say the same about Lilith.” Daniel sneered.
“Daniel, I will not have another one of our conversations turned into a debate about favouritism. I have always tried to treat the girls exactly same, and whilst I wouldn’t be as confident as I am with Angela, I wouldn’t just turn down a request like that from Lilith point blank. What you’re doing is exactly the reason why Lilith turned into a rebel in the first place. Do you want to see Angela do the same?” Daniel sighed and surrendered to his wife.
“Alright. I’ll listen to what she has to say, see if her plans are solid. But I doubt it will change my mind.”
The evening turned dark, and Mary-Sue coaxed Angela out of her room. “I can’t face him again. I’ve said everything I could, what’s the point of making him even more angry?” Angela asked.
“You know that your father always says the first thing that comes into his head. Now he’s had time to think it over and I’ve had a talk with him, he just might surprise you.”
“And you’re okay with it? I mean, me not wanting to go to University.” Mary-Sue hugged her daughter and reassured her that she valued her daughter’s independent decision. “Thank you. I just hope dad feels the same.” Angela sighed and walked to the living room. Daniel was watching sports – as usual on a Sunday. Not sure if she should disturb him whilst he was enjoying himself, or take advantage of his upbeat mood, Angela hovered around the doorframe. She wanted so much to be able to fulfil her dreams of seeing the beautiful sights that the world had to offer. She was resenting the fact her father couldn’t see that, and how he was only focusing on the negative sides. She did understand his worries, but was quick to point out that if you go around thinking like that, then what’s the point of even stepping outside your front door? Feeling a little more confident, and seeing there was a commercial on, Angela cleared her throat and asked if she could come in.
“Of course, unless you think the door will get lonely!” Daniel joked. Well, Angela thought, at least he’s in a good mood.
“I kind of wanted to talk some more about what I asked you earlier, but I didn’t want to be yelled at again.”
“Oh, Angel!” Daniel replied, using Angela’s nickname. “Come sit down, right next to me.” As instructed, Angela came in and sat down next to her father.
“I’m sorry I stormed off in a tantrum. It wasn’t very smart of me. I’ve been trying to prove how mature I can be, but I just seem to keep contradicting myself.” Angela replied, thinking back to this morning.
“You are smart. Your a helluva lot smarter than I was at your age. And you’re so mature.” Daniel complimented his daughter.
“Maybe not, I know I’m asking a lot from you, but even if you just say ‘I’ll think about it, then I’ll be happy.”
“I was wrong to say no so quickly before. I am going to think about it.” Daniel said. Angela froze, kind of not believing what she had just heard.
“Are you serious. You’re not just saying that so I’ll shut up and you can get back to watching the game, are you?” Daniel laughed and reassured his daughter that he would not stop thinking about her travelling request. 
“Oh!” Angela clenched her fists. Daniel looked on confused, had he said something wrong? “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Angela kept on repeating, as she threw her arms up and around her father. Being squeezed into the corner of the couch was not very comfortable. Daniel lifted his daughter up, so they could stand and embrace. “Thank you so much, daddy.” Angela purred into her father’s ear. She knew he could still say no, but short of Daniel finding out about what had (almost) happened last night, there was nothing Angela could of think of that would persuade her father to change his mind.
Back in the kitchen, Mary-Sue was alone, stuttering and nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other, nearing the end of her phone call. “Thank you. I’ll be seeing you soon again then?” She asked the person on the other end. Daniel silently walked into the dining room to listen in on the last bit of the conversation. “Very well. Until then.” Mary-Sue said coldly, as she hung-up the receiver. She just stared at the wall for a few seconds before turning her teary-eyed gaze over to Daniel.
“Mary?” He asked, as Mary-Sue’s bottom lip trembled. 
Mary-Sue and Daniel had been arguing for a while now, and ever since she accused him of having an affair, their relationship had suffered a hard knock. As if erasing everything they had gone though over the past year, Mary-Sue broke down and fell into her husbands arms. She told Daniel that she had just received a call from her doctor. Following her sickness, Daniel had persuaded Mary-Sue to get a check-up. The results of her blood test had come back and she explained to Daniel that the doctor had told her her haemoglobin was low. She had demanded to be diagnosed over the phone, despite the requests from her doctor to make a repeat appointment for further tests. He explained to Mary-Sue that it’s likely she just had Anaemia, but it could be signs of an underlying heart problem or blood condition, and he wanted to take more tests - just so he could reassure Mary-Sue that nothing else was wrong with her. Feeling as though she had brought unwelcome news into the house, Mary-Sue tried to play her diagnosis down, but was struck down with a headache. Daniel quickly guided her to the bedroom and told her to undress.
“I’m fine, honestly.”

“Mary-Sue, you just told me you have Anaemia. How do you define that as being fine?” Daniel asked.
“Well, I certainly don’t need you to dress me!” Mary-Sue laughed, as Daniel got his wife’s pyjamas out of the drawer.
“I just want to make you as comfortable as possible. You’re getting an early night so you can go to the doctor’s first thing in the morning.” Daniel told his wife.
“I can’t go tomorrow, I have to be at work. And besides, the doctor said I’d be sent an appointment in the mail.” Mary-Sue took her husband’s hands and held them tight. “I hate not knowing just as much you do, but there’s no need in causing anyone else to worry.”
“You’re asking me not to tell anyone?” Daniel assumed.
“I don’t want my parents finding out, and I especially don’t want to worry the girls. They have their end of year exams coming up, and then graduation.”
“So, what do you propose, we just sit on this until..?” Daniel trailed off, but Mary Sue pulled Daniel closer to reassure him everything was okay.
“We can’t be certain of anything. I propose we treat the holidays exactly as we always do - until I get my appointment to see the doctor again. It’ll probably be next year, now that Christmas is so near.” Mary-Sue remembered.
“Alright, but I don’t want you going overboard.” Daniel embraced Mary-Sue tightly.
“I have to act normal, otherwise people will sense something isn’t right. Especially my mother. Remember the time I cooked three kinds of meat for my father’s birthday party here, and she saw the table and congratulated me on my pregnancy?” Mary-Sue laughed, as she remembered her father’s face.
“Do I remember? You hadn’t even told me yet! That was the only time I ever missed the Superbowl, and it was because I had fainted.” Daniel joined in laughing.
“I remember that. You refused to even look at a newspaper until you saw the match for yourself!” Mary-Sue exclaimed. As she looked into her husbands eyes, Mary-Sue stopped smiling and sighed. “Tell me everything will be alright.” She asked Daniel. He looked into his wife’s ageing eyes, and a sombre look spread across his face.
“I can’t. You always taught me to be truthful.” Mary-Sue began to move closer to her husband. They hadn’t been this close for a long time, but Mary-Sue just wanted everything to go back to way it used to be.
“Then lie to me.” She requested.
“I could never...” Daniel started.
“Please.” Mary-Sue whispered, as her voice quivered and she shed a single tear.
“Everything is going to be alright.” Daniel said, and he passionately kissed Mary-Sue. Deep down, he worried that everything wouldn’t turn out alright. But how much could it hurt to lie to his wife? After all, he had done it before.

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