Violet just turned 18 when her two bestfriends, Evelyn and Elizabeth, decides to take her out on a club celebrating. But little did Violet know, that the most romantic guy and the most dangerous guy were in the same club with her. Her friends warns her about the dangerous one.. But will she listen to them? Read to find out.


1. Happy birthday!

Violet's P.O.V

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Elizabeth and Evelyn shouted as we were sitting on my huge bed.

They handed me each their presents, "Finally eighteen!" I cheered picking up Liz's present.

I opened it in slow motion to look more dramatic. It was a small present, "Oh my god." I smiled as I opened the box. It was that bracelet I wanted but was too expensive.

"You deserve it!" Liz gave me a big hug. 

I put it around my left arm as I picked up Ev's present. I opened it, it was alot of makeup.

"Thanks hun!" I said and gave her a big hug.

"And this." Liz smirked handing me another present, "Is from both of us." They giggled as I started opening the present.

I rolled my eyes giving my friends a "Seriously?" look. They laughed hard as I picked up the dildo they bought me.

I placed it to the side and hugged them both, "So where are you taking me?" I asked as we all got up.

"To the club down town. We're gonna get wasted!" Ev almost shouted.

I lived in a little apartment in London. I had just bought a very nice car, which my friends and I drove to the club.

It took about an hour and a half to get there, I parked the car as we stepped inside, it was alot of drunk people in there.

"We get the two first shots for free!" Liz told me as we were heading to the bar.

"Liz, Ev and Violet." Liz told the man working behind the bar who were cleaning a glass.

He smiled as he handed us a shot, "One, two, three!" I said as we all took a shot.

We got the other one and drank that too. I looked around, people were making out and having fights.

"Don't be a loner." Liz laughed as I looked over at her furrowing my eyebrows.

"What?" I smirked as she rolled her eyes, "Pick a guy, and make out with him."

I hesitated before looking around in the room. Suddenly my eyes landed on a guy sitting alone drinking from his beer. 

He had a black hat on, a red and white plaid shirt, and some black jeans. His curly locks were peeking out from his hat.

"What about that guy?" I smirked pointing towards the guy I was checking out.

"Oh no." Ev said loud waling in front of me.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked confused.

"That guy is dangerous! Do not make any sign of contact with him alright?" Liz spoke as I looked over to the guy again.

"Hey!" Ev shouted snapping her fingers in front of my face. I looked over to her again, "His name is Harry Styles. Do not talk to him, look at him, or even get near him." Ev warned me as I rolled my eyes.

"Fine." I sighed starting observing the room again until I spotted a less hot guy. He was hot, but less than this Harry dude.

He was blonde but I could see by his regrowth that he was an actual brunette. His style was simple, and unbuttoned blue shirt with a white t-shirt under and some blue jeans.

He was also drinking beer, but not alone, he was probably with his friends chatting and having a laugh.

"Ah." Liz snapped me out of my thoughts as I looked over at her, "You're checking out Niall Horan." She smirked.

I looked over at Ev, "He's a lovely, nice, romantic guy!" Ev spoke as a little smile came on my face. I loved romantic guys.

"Go for him." Liz and Ev giggled starting to push me towards him, "Alright, alright." I laughed as I walked over to him.

I tapped on his shoulder, he turned around checking me out before looking into my eyes with his seablue eyes, "Hey." He smiled as his friends stopped talking and started looking over at me.

I looked over at his friends, "Mind if I take him away from you for a dance?" I smiled as they shook their heads.

I smiled as I grabbed his hand dragging him into the dancefloor. I could hear his friends whistle at us.

The music wasn't slow, but not fast either, "Hey, I'm Violet Carter." I smiled as we danced.

"Niall Horan." He smiled, his teeths were so straight, he has probably used braces.

"Wanna grab some coffee sometimes?" He asked spinning me around.

"Sure, if that's where you take a girl on your first day." I joked as he laughed.

He spinned me around again but another guy stopped me, "Mind if I steal your dance?" A dark raspy voice spoke. I looked over at Niall who shook his head and slowly backed. Was he scared?

I slowly looked up and my eyes widened when I saw his face..

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