Violet just turned 18 when her two bestfriends, Evelyn and Elizabeth, decides to take her out on a club celebrating. But little did Violet know, that the most romantic guy and the most dangerous guy were in the same club with her. Her friends warns her about the dangerous one.. But will she listen to them? Read to find out.


4. Give me your number.

Violet's P.O.V

"Sorry we're closed." I said and turned around.

Oh no... 

"I'm not going to buy anything." Harry smirked as he walked over to the couch and sat down.

"Then leave." I said in the most bitchy way I could.

"Thought you'd be more happy to see me." He placed his legs on the tables.

I walked over to him making him put his legs down again. I stood in front of him, "Go." I commanded but he just let out a little giggle.

"You're cute when you're mad." He smirked as he held around my waist pulling me closer to him.

"Oh you haven't seen mad yet." I pushed his arms away from me.

He stood up quick as I backed, "Let have some fun, c'mon we're alone." He spoke as my back hit the wall.

He came up close to me placing his two fingertips under my chin making me look up at him.

"I..I." I didn't know what to say.

"Hey, I know you wanna kiss me, don't be shy." He smirked licking his lips, which made me do it to, because it's like.. a habit I have.

He came closer to my face about to kiss me before I slapped him, I tried to go past him but he grabbed both my arms and held them over my head.

He was really close to me as his lips touched my ear, I could feel his warm breath on my skin before he whispered, "You should think twice before you decides to slap me." He warned.

He looked back at my face, down on my lips biting his, "Do you need a ride home." He smirked as I shook my head.

"I'll w-walk." I stuttered as he backed a step.

"Don't be silly. I'll drive you home." Harry said walking over to the door.

I sighed as I grabbed my bag and the keys to the café and stepped outside. I locked the doors before I placed the keys inside my bag.

"My car is over there." Harry spoke as I followed him over to his car.

It was huge and black. He stepped inside, I expected him to open the doors for me like Niall but nooo...

I rolled my eyes as I opened the cardoor stepping into the car. Harry started the motor and drove off.

I told him my adress.


He parked outside my block as I stepped outside, I walked over to the door to my block as I heard footsteps behind me.

"What are you doing?" I turned around as Harry stood there lighting up a cigarette.

He took a drag before he opened his mouth, "I gave you a ride and you won't invite me inside?" He smirked as I shook my head, "No."

"C'mon love, I need to use the bathroom." He acted like he was about to piss himself.

"Allright." I sighed as he took another drag, "But just use the toilet and then leave."

"Sure." I stubbed out his cigarette on the wall as I opened the door.

I started going up the stairs as he followed me all the way to third floor.

I unlocked the door to my apartment stepping inside, Harry closed the door after walking in.

"The bathroom's over there." I said pointing across the hall. 

He nodded as he walked inside the bathroom.

I walked into the livingroom placing my bag on the couch. Minutes later Harry stepped into the livingroom.

"Nice." I heard him say. I turned around, my eyes widened as I saw him holding the dildo Liz and Ev gave me.

I ran over to him and took it from him, "You were in my room!?" I asked loud as he placed his hand in the air.

"Hey, if you saw a dick laying on a bed, you would've checked that out too." He giggled as I rolled my eyes.

"Go home." I commanded throwing the dildo on the couch.

"You want a real dick in your bed? You probably never had that before." Harry smirked as I closed my eyes miming 'oh my god'

"Get out you pervert." I said starting to push him towards the door.

"Alright, alright, I'll go." He laughed opening the door, before he left he said "Only, if you give me your number."

"No." I said short as he stepped inside again.

"Guess we're having a sleepover." He smirked as I rolled my eyes, "Fine!" He brought up his phone and handed me it.

I wrote down a number, but not mine. I gave him his phone back as he left. I locked the door quick and sighed.


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