Violet just turned 18 when her two bestfriends, Evelyn and Elizabeth, decides to take her out on a club celebrating. But little did Violet know, that the most romantic guy and the most dangerous guy were in the same club with her. Her friends warns her about the dangerous one.. But will she listen to them? Read to find out.


3. café.

Violet's P.O.V

Suddenly the guy got slammed into the wall, I blacked out for a second before I spotted who did it... 

"Do not touch her." Harry warned clenching his jaw.

"Wow, duuuude," The drunk guy put his arms in the air, "Calm down."

Harry let go of him as the drunk guy fell down on the floor. Harry then turned to face me with a little smirk, "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I smiled about to walk out.

"Hey, a little thank you would help." He said as he grabbed my wrist.

I turned to face him, "Uh, thanks." I smiled as he let go of my wrist.

"You wanna hang out tomorrow." I heard him say loud behind me.

"Tomorrow is monday, I have work." I claimed as he cocked an eyebrow.

"Where do you work?" He asked, "At the café down town." I replied as he nodded.

I then walked out of the club and into Niall's car again, he started the motor again and drove off.

I gave him my adress, "You just live two blocks away from me." He smiled as I furrowed my eyebrows, "Why haven't I seen you before?" I asked as he shrugged his shoulders.


He parked outside my block, I thanked him as I opened the car door, "We should... Go out sometime." He said before I walked out.

"Yeah.." I smiled, "We should." I stepped out of the car shutting the door as Niall drove off.

I walked into my apartment in third floor and locked the door. I was so tired as I walked over to the couch laying down. I fell asleep right away.


I woke up by someone knocking several times on my door, "I'm coming! I'm coming!" I shouted as I walked towards the door rubbing my eyes.

I opened the door as my friends rushed inside, they jumped in front of me, "Did you and Niall kiss?!" Liz asked, "Did you have sex?!" Ev asked.

"Guys, Nothing happened, he drove me home and we decided to go out sometime." I replied as they groaned.

"You look like hell." Ev smirked as I rolled my eyes, "Maybe because I just woke up?" I replied walking towards the bathroom.

"Now? But the clock is 16:00." Liz spoke as I widened my eyes, "What?!"

I quickly washed my face and put on makeup again, then I brushed and straightned my hair, I ran out of the bathroom and into my bedroom, picking out my work outfit.

"Why rushing?" They asked as I put on my apron.

"I have to be at work in 5 minutes." I spoke as I picked up my bag.

I chased them out of my apartment and locked the door, "Where's my car?" I asked as we all ran down the stairs.

"Uhm.." They hesitated rubbing their neck.

We stepped outside, "Girls." I looked at them with a killer look.

"We kinda... Crashed it." Liz mumbled as my mouth dropped.

"What?!" I shouted, "Sorry, but we were drunk." Ev spoke as I rolled my eyes.

"I'll kill you after my work." I warned them as I had to run to my job.


I made it! I placed my bag on the counter trying to catch my breath.

"Violet!" I heard a familiar voice shout behind me, it was my boss, "You're late!"

"Only 5 minutes." I tried and turned around to face him.

"5 minutes of my time waiting for you." He was bossy, and mean, but I need this job to pay for my apartment.

"I'm sorry." I said and got to work, I had to serve people in the café.


The clock was almost ten o'clock at night.

"Violet." My boss shouted as he threw the keys to me, "Lock the doors when you're finished." He said as I nodded.

I was alone in the café cleaning the tables, all until I heard the bell on the door pling.

"Sorry we're closed." I said and turned around.

Oh no... 

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