Teen love (1D - louis and liam)

First book, so please no hate :)
my book doesnt really show much about one direction, but louis and liam are in it, and in the second one the others come in, but Teen Love is about a few teenager, finding love in a shopping center. Aria, Kate, Bella and Sammy are really good friends since they were young. they were shopping own their own at the start when they run into eachother. hidden feelings are revealed and childish games are played. read to find out about their lovey adventure in a shopping center. :) hope you enjoy, and if you dont then just dont read it i guess, oh and btw the second one way better :) p.s the story has random parts to it :)


6. Teen love sequel.

so i already have teen love 2 written. its not finshed but yeah it will be longer. my chapters are just the P.O.V so yea. anyway the second one is called...TEEN LOVE 2 COMPLICATIONS AND SECRETS. its another kiddish and adventurous one. breakups will happen and first kisses. 

anyway i also decided to publish a movella got to do with me. i tend to write in a book all my feelings and things that make me feel like so. anyway i thought why not, write it. so please please please, see if you can read it. 


oh and for teen love 2, not publishing it till after sat, i have a huge exam on sat so yeaa...

thank youuuuuuuuu :D :D :D 

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