Teen love (1D - louis and liam)

First book, so please no hate :)
my book doesnt really show much about one direction, but louis and liam are in it, and in the second one the others come in, but Teen Love is about a few teenager, finding love in a shopping center. Aria, Kate, Bella and Sammy are really good friends since they were young. they were shopping own their own at the start when they run into eachother. hidden feelings are revealed and childish games are played. read to find out about their lovey adventure in a shopping center. :) hope you enjoy, and if you dont then just dont read it i guess, oh and btw the second one way better :) p.s the story has random parts to it :)


5. Aria's P.O.V (the end)


Sammy and Joe make a real cute couple. I look at Naruto, he and Louis were in a big conversation which held me back from talking to him. I looked at Bella, who stood there alone. I walked towards her, and started a conversation.

“Lol, Louis and Naruto seem to be in a big conversation.” I said.

“Hmm, yea I saw, I wonder what they are talking about,” Bella said.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was really curious to know, what was going on. Slowly they called Liam and then Joe. They seemed to be having a big as talk.

“Ok, now I’m getting curious. What the hell are they talking about, and why are all the guys called and not us,” Kate said. She seemed really annoyed and so did Sammy.

“Yea, I am too.  I’m kind of worried and scared, who knows what they were talking about.” Sammy stated.

Bella didn’t seem so worried or annoyed so I asked.

“How come you don’t mind?” I asked Bella.

“Because, I turned on the recording thing on the pen in his pocket, hehe,” Bella was one cheeky girl.

Naruto and the group headed towards us.

“Guys were gonna go and look around, meet you guys here in half an hour, and Louis, is there any chance I can borrow that pen in your pocket, its so I can tick off the items on my check list.” Bella asked.

“Sure thing, here you go.” He said as he handed the pen to Bella, the recording button was still on and that’s when I realized what she was doing.

We separated from the guys and headed the opposite direction. I kept an eye out, in case Naruto was following. Then we went into the coffee shop and sat around Bella played the recording.

I was surprised, at times Bella can be a genius. Slowly one by one each of the girls stood up with anger, first me, then Bella, then Kate and lastly Sammy. Did they really think we were that blind? I was so angry that I decided, with the girls to make a plan. Louis, Liam and Joe didn’t do much but Naruto, arrgh. He loves me but lied to me. All this time I believed every word he said, but only 50% were true and the rest were bullshit.

My anger rose and I bursted into tears. Kate came next to me and hugged me. All those things Naruto, for example that he doesn’t see his ex any more were lies. He sees his ex every day almost, but not from work, but then where does he see her?

We made a plan. Bella was angry that Louis knew. Kate and Sammy were angry as well because they were all friends before and that they knew as well.  Half an hour went and we all went back to the meeting area.

“Hi,” Bella said, angrily.

Then she walked off. Louis ran after her. She was upset. Then Kate walked off in another direction, Liam ran after her. At last Sammy ran off with great speed. Joe ran after her as well. We all knew what we were doing and where we were all going to see each other.

“You are the biggest jerk ever!” I said and ran off. I saw Naruto running from behind. Then I quickly ran into the girl’s toilet where we all met. There were five ways to get in to the toilet. Four of them were being “guarded” by each guy. From the fifth door we ran outside. We were all laughing. We couldn’t help it. Then we walked around to see one of the guys at every stop, it was hilarious but we were careful not to be spotted. Then we went to the meeting place. It was funny because the guys ended up coming back to the meeting place. They seemed abit happy, it looked as if they had planned some as well.

“I guess girls are gullible, Naruto.” Louis said.

Bella’s face went to the side like a dog does when they are confused.

“Ohh I get it. Oh you guys are going to pay” Bella said.

“I guess boys aren’t that gullible or stupid but they are definitely dog.” Bella said angrily, and that’s when I realized, they knew Bella had turned on the recording pen. Anger went through my mind but guilt ran through as well and I ran and hugged Naruto, I said sorry for calling him a jerk.

“Well Bella, I guess girls have a brain, we took so long to realize that there were a fifth door and luckily we all met up at one place. So we gave up and came back hoping to see you guys here.” Louis said tiringly.

“Hehe, what can we say.” Bella said with a cheeky smile.

Kate and Liam made a cute couple and so did Sammy and Joe who could hardly stay away from each other. Bella and Louis made an awesome pair and Naruto and I, we couldn’t stay away from each other. Naruto was my life and I was his. We were perfect for each other and loved each other a lot. <3




A.N pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase comment, and i know its short but im already writing the second, and the whole point of this was just to show you how they got together, and like that stuff. this is like a long prologue, but i just rather have it as book one and then write book two with the boys. one more thing i know that the boys arent in it much but this is just a starter. they arent famous like they are in book two :) any way hope you enjoyed.

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