Teen love (1D - louis and liam)

First book, so please no hate :)
my book doesnt really show much about one direction, but louis and liam are in it, and in the second one the others come in, but Teen Love is about a few teenager, finding love in a shopping center. Aria, Kate, Bella and Sammy are really good friends since they were young. they were shopping own their own at the start when they run into eachother. hidden feelings are revealed and childish games are played. read to find out about their lovey adventure in a shopping center. :) hope you enjoy, and if you dont then just dont read it i guess, oh and btw the second one way better :) p.s the story has random parts to it :)


1. introducing everyone.

(this is my first ever, and umm well i dont really like dragging my stories much. i prefer writing short stories with long chapters or something. also im not the best at writing either so yea. thank you :) also one direction arent exactly mains, its mostly the girls but like in the second one im gonna make the boys have a point of view. in this one the boys arent exactly famous theyre (meaning louis and laim) just a part of the friendship group )



Hi my name is Kate Hamilton. I'm 18 and single ;) .. I have long curly hair and love my friends, I would take a bullet for them any day man! I am mid weight  but skinny and love to dance, but a warning I can't dance for shit. I love to sing, and one thing you should know about me, I can be shy when I want and go wild when I want. if you hate me, then don't tell me, coz babe, you don't wanna get on my bad side. I can unleash my inner shasha fierce (if I have one) when I want. but overall, I am a really nice, and smart girl :) (to those who are nice back to me.) Also i have a crush on Liam Payne, he is such a hottie! A quote that I really like is, don't say you miss me, when your the reason I am gone!



Yo, im Aria Tempa, i love singing, and have a really crazy life. im in a relation ship with Naruto Bassten, and is completely in love with him. I am 18 and quiet skinny, but not alot. I have dark brown wavy hair, and love running wild. I am sensitive and all, but I can get through things and move on pre fast. I have a diva side to me and love bitch fights, just not being in it though :P. my favourite quote is, life aint about how survive a storm, its about learning how to dance in the rain.



Hey guys, I am Bella Winters, and I am 19. I have emerald green eyes and brown wavy hair, just like Aria. For some odd reason people say we look alike, and sometimes even get us mixed up. I am currently single, and Have a massive crush on Louis Tomlinson, I have liked him since primary, and almost everyone knew. Anyway, I am the most craziest person you would probably meet, but I also the most impatient. oh and I love being cheeky :P my favourite quote would have to be....The happiest and the strongest on the outside, can be the saddest and the weakest on the inside. 



Hey kiddos, my name is Sammy Collins, I am 20 and single. I have never really had a boyfriend, but been asked out. I however am boy crazy, and have a crush on Joe Ferrak. He asked me out in Primary, but I have parents who would kill me if they found out I had my first boy friend in primary. Any way, I am the oldest from the girls, but they say I look the youngest. I believe Kate and I are the most responsible in the group but would do anything to get someone's attention. A quote I like is I know I'm not perfect, but at the end of the day...who is?



Addios, my name is Liam Payne. I am 19 in age and love singing. I am single but kind of in love. I don't know if that made sense, but there is this girl, and her name is Kate. She is beautiful, and something about her made me fall for her. I am mature and the most responsible from my friendship group and love making new friends.  Anyway my favourite quote is live your dream and never wake up :) 



Yo, ma names Naruto Bassten, and I am 19. I have a beautiful girlfriend, and unlike Louis and Liam, I can't sing for shit. I love being there for my friends and planning surprises and shit like that. you can say I am sporty. If I ever said that I don't check out girls then I am lying, but having the most amazing girl, she doesn't mind, unless you know, they try to get in ma pants. Another thing about the girls is that they love to sing, Bella can play the piano, violin, drums and abit of the guitar and while Bella plays the piano, the others sing. They would make a perfect band. Anyway to finish this up, my favourite quote is, I was born to make mistakes, not to fake Perfect. :)



Wassup carrots? My name is Louis Tomlinson. I am 20 and single. I have brown hair, which is spike up. Unlike Naruto and Joe, I can sing. I love singing, and people say imma natural. Any way, I do have a crush on someone... Her names Bella. she is beautiful, and her eyes, remind me of Harry (one of my best mates). Anyway, I know she has liked me for a long time, but I dunno any more, need to catch up with her. Any how back to me, I am one cheeky carrot, and love messing with the girls, I love stripes and carrots. My favourite quote is live life for the moment..because everything else is uncertain. 



Hello people. My name is Joe Ferrak. I am 21, the oldest from the guys. I have blackish brown hair, which is spike in to different directions, unlike Louis who's is spiked up in one direction. I am single, but have had my eyes on Sammy, for like four years. She is Beautiful, but I haven't seen her in 2 and a 1/2 years. I kinda still like her, and just wish I would see her somewhere. Anyway, my favourite quote is trust is like paper, once crumbled, its never perfect again. 


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