I was alone, then you came <3

This story is about a girl who doesn't have friends, who sit in the back corner in every class, who never had a boyfriend. But a new kid named Niall changed her life.


5. The day I Confess


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I stretched and yawned and I heard...heart beats? I look up to see that I was sleeping on Nialls chest. He looked so peaceful, so gorgeous, so perfect. He started to wake up and stretch. 

"Good Morning" I said pretty loud. 

"Morning"responded Niall.

"Let's go downstairs and eat." I said

"Sure" he said in a tired tone 

"Good Morning Kids!" Aunt Sue kissed both of us on the cheek.

"Yummy! eggs and bacon!, Thankyou!" I thanked her with a hug.

"I look over a notice that Niall has already started eating. He looked so cute.

"Thankyou for the breakfast, I'm gonna go home and change." He said 

"Ok, meet me outside in 10 minutes and we will walk to school" I said 

"Alright, bye" he said closing the door behind him. 

I quickly ran up to my room and went for the cupboard. I decide to wear a black singlet and on top a blue see through top, matched with a belt and black shiny pants and black wedges. I put on mascarra. I left my long hair down and  went outside to see Niall waiting for me. He was wearing a dark blue shirt,black skinny jeans and blue converse. 

"Ready?" I ask

"Yup." He replies popping the 'p' .

We walk until we finally got there. We entered and the bell rang. 

"What do we have now?" I ask him.

"Ummm Geography." He says smiling. 


As we make our way to geography,I stop her for a second.

"Eliane can I confess something? " I say with a nervous tone

"Niall, what's wrong? " she replies with a concerned tone.

"Eliane, I know we've only met yesterday but, I love you. And, umm E-Eliane, Will you be my girlfriend? " 


We laugh and hugged.

"Now, you're my princess." I say looking deep into her eyes.

"And you're my prince" She replies

As we both lean in - "EVERYBODY GO TO CLASS." Said one of the teachers. Instead of attending classes, we decide to go to the park.  

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