I was alone, then you came <3

This story is about a girl who doesn't have friends, who sit in the back corner in every class, who never had a boyfriend. But a new kid named Niall changed her life.


2. First day back at school.


"Hunny, wake up, you have school " Aunt Sue whispered into my ear. "Good morning" I respond with a tired voice. "Quickly, get dress and come down to eat breakfast" Aunt Sue said as she left my room. I walk towards my cupboard to pick an outfit. I pull out a Bart Simpson jumper with black shiny pants and black boots. I quickly put them on and started doing my hair. I decide to leave my brown wavy hair down and put a black beanie too. I look into the mirror and realise i had no makeup on! I rush to the bathroom and quickly put Mascarra and Foundation on and decide that will do. I look into the mirror one more time and smile because I like how the Bart Simpson jumper looks on me. I run downstairs and see that Aunt Sue made pancakes. I ate really quick because it was 7:30. I finish my plate and run back up to brush my teeth. I come back down with my books and pens. "Bye Aunt Sue" I say while giving her a kiss and a cuddle. I walk out of the house feeling nervous, I mean it's the first day of school, who wouldn't be nervous? ...right? 

*15 minutes later*

I finally made it to school. I walk in and go straight to my locker avoiding eye contact with anyone. I grab all my things and make it to first period, Science. I walk in and sit at my usual seat at the back. Everyone comes in and takes their seats. "Good Morning Everyone" Miss Applebottom say in joy. "Good Morning Miss Applebottom "everyone replies back. "Today we have a new student, his name is Niall Horan" she says pointing at Niall. I look up and see a gorgeous boy standing there. He looked a bit shy though. "Mhhm...Niall you can go sit next tooo Mhmm" she said.  I was hoping she wouldn't say my name but .... "mhhmm Eliane. You can go sit next to Eliane." She says while pointing towards me. 

"Hello, My name is Niall" He said while sticking out his hand for me to shake.
"Hi. My name is Eliane, nice to meet you." I say while shaking his soft hand. 
"So, do you like this school? " He said while looking right into my dark brown eyes. 
I got lost in his beautiful ocean eyes. 
"Eliane? Eliane? " he said while snapping his fingers in my face.
"Yeh, sorry." I reply. I can feel my face turning red. 

"Hey Eliane, do you know where I can find F24, I'm in that room next period."

"Oh really? you're in the same classes as me. " I say happily. He smiles and continue with his work. I take a quick glance at him. His hair is so nice, his eyes remind me of the ocean, his lips looks so soft, his just...just PERFECTION! I look away and continue doing my work.

I'm sitting next to the prettiest girl alive, her hair is so pretty, her eyes are gorgeous, her lips are as red as a rose, they look so soft. She's just....just PERFECTION! I glance at her one more time , she looks so pretty and peaceful , how she turns her head to face me with a smile....SHIT i got caught. "What ? is there something on my face?" she asks. "No, don't worry your face is perfect " I say. 

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