I was alone, then you came <3

This story is about a girl who doesn't have friends, who sit in the back corner in every class, who never had a boyfriend. But a new kid named Niall changed her life.


3. Eliane's POV:


"No,don't worry your face is perfect" Niall says to me. All I did was smile, but in the inside I was jumping in joy! I've only met Niall but I think I have feelings for him. *DING DING DING* The bell rung as loud as it could. "Well we have to get to English now" I say remembering that we are in the same classes for every subject. 

*Skip the whole day, now the afternoon.*


"So,do you walk home? "  Niall said with his thick Irish accent. "Yeh, I only live 2 streets away" I say hoping he will walk with me. " Can I walk with you?" he asks. "Sure" I said with a smile. As we walk and talk, we finally make it to my front yard. "Well, this is my house." I say pointing at it. I see Niall's mouth drop open. "What's wrong?" I giggled. "I'm your new neighbor!!" he yells in excitement. We start laughing. I felt like fainting. I have a gorgeous Irish boy as a neighbor and as a friend..... YAYAYYA. "Wanna come in ? we can have a movie marathon? " I ask, hoping he will say yes. "Sure, let me just tell my mum and put my things back." he says walking towards his house. "Alright." I say while opening the door. " 


"Hello dear" Aunt Sue says from the kitchen.
"Heyy" I say while giving her a kiss and a cuddle. 
"How's school, made any friends?" She says while pouring me a cup of orange juice.

"Yeh, he's our new neighbor and he's coming over to watch a movie marathon" I say...."Is that alright with you?" I added.

"Yeh it's fine. Just tell me, is he hot? Do you have a crush on him" She asks with a little grin on her face.

'Ahhhh ummm Maybe." I say with a little giggle at the end. 

"Can't wait to met him then" She winks at me.

*Ding Dong*

"That's him!" I say running towards the door. 

"Heyy !!" He says giving me a little hug.

"Hey." I reply.

"Hello, I'm Elianes Aunt. You must be her new friend." Aunt Sue said while sticking out her hand for him to shake. 

My face was red in embarrassment. "I'm Niall" He says with a little giggle at the end. 

"Anyway, lets go!" I say dragging him upstairs.
"Nice to meet youuuuuuuu" He yells as i dragged him up.
"WOW nice room." he says with a wink. Which makes me blush. "Thanks" I say with a giggle.

We decide to watch pitch perfect. So we turned it on and laid next to each other in my bed. In the middle of the movie I saw him looking at me, I smiled and looked back. I was really tired and I guess I just fell asleep.  

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